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Wall Street Journal – Jul 30 2022 – Addled Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” director RAIMI
“How was ___ know?” ITO
“I’d say…” in texts IMO
“I’m ___” (Ed Sheeran song) AMESS
“It was worth ___” ATRY
“Money ___ object” ISNO
“Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” writer ELIOT
Aaron Copland ballet RODEO
Acquiesce ACCEDE
Alpine abode CHALET
Another name for the piranha CARIBE
Artistic creations OPUSES
Assistants for authors TYPISTS
Atlanta university EMORY
Auditory assaults DINS
Bellinger of the Dodgers CODY
Berth in a tournament clinched? OPENSEALED
Big gulp CHUG
Bit of fiction LIE
Block for the stock SALTLICK
Boosters boost it MORALE
Boxer’s assistant blending in with others? SECONDCOMINGLED
Brand with a Frosted Lemonade flavor ICEE
Brotherhood since 1868 ELKS
Canal features LOCKS
Ceremonial practice RITE
Cheapen DEBASE
Chestnuts, e.g HORSES
Chestnuts, e.g STEEDS
Chicken ___ (buttery dish) KIEV
Chum PAL
Collapses under pressure GIVES
Connects to a space station on a return trip REDOCKS
Course ROUTE
Creature in Liberty Mutual commercials EMU
Crucifix sent down an alley? CROSSBOWLED
Culmination ACME
Decrease DIP
Digression ASIDE
Distiller’s product was a failure? GINFIZZLED
Dune buggy addition ROLLBAR
Earn a timeout, maybe ACTUP
Elizabeth of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” OLSEN
Excedrin alternative ADVIL
Extend, as a line REELOUT
Fanatical followings CULTS
Fashion designer Posen ZAC
First perfect number SIX
Flooring decor choice sorted out? CARPETTACKLED
Flynn of films ERROL
Fruit preserved in brine? CHERRYPICKLED
Fruit salad components MELONBALLS
Go around ORBIT
Good for planting, perhaps LOAMY
High pts MTS
Hoe target WEED
Human rights activist Clooney AMAL
Inconsequential item TRIFLE
Infant scurried away? BABYBUSTLED
Invites ASKS
Italian wine area ASTI
Krypton, for one GAS
Laundry challenge STAIN
Lessen gradually EBB
Like some auto trim CHROMED
Like some markers GENETIC
Limping, say LAME
List-shortening abbr ETAL
Longtime Yankees announcer Allen MEL
Lower in social status DECLASS
Maintenance UPKEEP
Make a lot PAVE
Manipulative fellow USER
Match makeup SETS
Mendes of “Hitch” EVA
Menswear designer Behar IKE
Moochers SPONGES
Mother of Castor and Pollux LEDA
Not of the highest quality SUBOPTIMAL
Now or before EVER
Off the hook LIT
Official agreement ASSENT
Old Testament book EZRA
One and only SOLE
Opposite in character POLAR
Otherwise ELSE
P at the Parthenon RHO
Painter’s paste GESSO
Pentathletes wield them EPEES
Pics on pecs TATS
Pivotal KEY
Plains tribe KANSA
Player on a golf course GARY
Potential embryo OVUM
Preceding time EVE
Prepares to fire AIMS
Pride letters LGBT
Private doctors MEDICS
Radio operator committed larceny? HAMBURGLED
Rafter’s challenge RAPIDS
Ran out LAPSED
Reference words SEEALSO
Regular hexahedron CUBE
Retailer begun as a seller of fishing gear ORVIS
Run-scoring out, for short SAC
Sauce thickener ROUX
Scott of “Hawaii Five-0” CAAN
Shop tool bent under pressure? SAWBUCKLED
Show interrupters ADS
Skeptical reactions SNORTS
Skin soother LOTION
Space ROOM
Spicy Mexican marinade ADOBO
Stand RISE
Stephen of “The Crying Game” REA
Sympathetic words ICARE
Tank top TURRET
These, in Tours CES
They should be washed on a gentle cycle DELICATES
They’re easily swayed PUSHOVERS
Thurman of films UMA
Title cocker spaniel in a Disney film LADY
Title princess in a Gilbert and Sullivan opera IDA
Too precious for words CUTESY
Toothpaste choice GEL
Trained team CADRE
Tureen fill SOUP
UFO crew ETS
Verb for Latin lovers AMO
Well-versed sort POET
Winning World Series manager in 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000 TORRE
Won back RETAKEN
Word of honor VOW
Word that’s ironically a trochee IAMB
Yield to wanderlust ROVE
You can part with them COMBS