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Wall Street Journal – Jul 5 2018 – Staying Power

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Clues Answers
‘Excuse me’ antecedent BELCH
‘If you want to be loved, be lovable’ poet OVID
‘Invisible Cities’ author Calvino ITALO
‘The Lion King’ meerkat TIMON
‘Why not!’ SURE
Attracted DRAWN
Autonomous program BOT
Banner, when ruffled HULK
Battle of wits? BRAINBOUT
Bear in mind NOTE
Bklyn. and the Bronx, e.g BOROS
Booking category ADULT
Buff kin ECRU
Charleston, e.g DANCE
Chase off SHOO
Concealer amount DAB
Currency of Ecuador, El Salvador and Palau USDOLLAR
Danger sign OMEN
Difficult to understand DEEP
Disconcerts THROWS
Does some weaving VEERS
Domestic flaps PETDOORS
Don’t rush in WAITABIT
Electra’s grandmother LEDA
Eon components ERAS
Equipment for a football-curling hybrid? BLOCKERBROOM
Fashion CREATE
Fawning review RAVE
Fills a recent vacancy, say RELETS
Give a faded look to, in a way ACIDWASH
Greasy mineral TALC
Guardianship CARE
Harry’s brother WILLS
Heart partner SOUL
ID on IRS forms SSN
Clues Answers
In danger of being lost ATSTAKE
In ___ (prenatal) UTERO
Lot measure ACRE
Man in the Irish Sea ISLE
Mass for masticating WAD
Medium, e.g SEER
Miss living in Mexico? SENORITA
Nuts and bolts of a subject ABCS
Old sneaker feature ODOR
Only okay SOSO
Oral traditions LORES
Place to stay, and a hint to this puzzle’s theme BANDB
Polish language EDIT
Polo alternative TEE
Potent puff TOKE
Produce porter BREW
Protector for a little terror’s knee? BRATBRACE
Rejuvenating resorts SPAS
Ring setting BATHTUB
Role first played by Hariclea Darclee TOSCA
Scrabble play WORD
Series of sketches REVUE
Sharply defined CLEARCUT
Shiny bracelet? BRIGHTBANGLE
Short-tailed weasel STOAT
Site of Sylvia’s Restaurant HARLEM
Sparkly headgear TIARA
Superior sort SNOB
Tangled style SHAG
The Sixers retired his number 6 ERVING
There are six in an inch PICAS
Three-time All-Star pitcher Mario SOTO
Tripartite treats OREOS
Twist movers HIPS
Victim of temptation EVE
What some games end in ATIE
Whodunit discoveries BODIES