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Wall Street Journal – Jul 9 2018 – That’ll Do

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Clues Answers
‘Gotcha, daddy-o!’ IDIG
‘___ luck!’ LOTSA
Ace’s blackjack value, sometimes ELEVEN
Artsy New Mexico town TAOS
Aspen or cottonwood POPLAR
Bed with bars CRIB
Binary base TWO
Brain section LOBE
Cabernet characteristic NOSE
Calgary native ALBERTAN
Cardinal base? NEST
Checks out EYEBALLS
Citrus garnishes TWISTS
College VIP DEAN
Compete VIE
Components PARTS
Conductor Seiji OZAWA
Creme-filled treat OREO
Crumb carriers ANTS
Doctor’s visit expense COPAY
Entreaty PLEA
Evacuation center sight COT
Extent SCOPE
Fixed charge RATE
Folkie Guthrie ARLO
For fear that LEST
German camera brand LEICA
Glacier material ICE
Hammer and sickle, e.g TOOLS
Hand cream additive ALOE
Has markers out OWES
Hired by a client, in a way ONRETAINER
Hook, for one PIRATE
Important times ERAS
Kin of the foil and saber EPEE
Lens covers? LIDS
Like Amal Clooney, by birth LEBANESE
Clues Answers
Marker letters IOU
Miller brand LITE
Mister of Madrid SENOR
Motel amenity POOL
Nursery group TOTS
Open audition CATTLECALL
Passionate about INTO
Polite fellow GENT
Powerful giants GOLIATHS
Publican’s wares ALES
Rickety ride RATTLETRAP
Riga residents LATVIANS
Semitransparent stone OPAL
Singer Redding OTIS
Song for a soprano ARIA
Sound like a donkey BRAY
Spoken ORAL
Stepped down ALIT
Strong and healthy LUSTY
Suitable for use on a postcard SCENIC
Susceptible to sunburn PALE
Take-out meal? PICNIC
Tennis star Wawrinka STAN
The USS Maine, for one BATTLESHIP
They know the score MAESTROS
Throat mass TONSIL
Throw of the dice ROLL
Titan, Rhea and 60 others, for Saturn MOONS
University of Florida squad GATORS
Valentine verb LOVE
Visibility lessener HAZE
Was ahead LED
Wearer of a crown, at times TOOTH
Wing it on stage ADLIB
___ mater ALMA