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Wall Street Journal – Jun 11 2018 – Diamond Doings

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Clues Answers
‘I’m a Honky Tonk Girl’ singer Loretta LYNN
‘Mister Roberts’ star FONDA
‘No Scrubs’ singers TLC
‘Sign of Good Taste’ advertiser, in the 1950s COKE
‘Survivor’ teams TRIBES
‘Tom Jones’ author HENRYFIELDING
‘Whatever’ DONTCARE
007 creator Fleming IAN
Abe Lincoln’s wife MARY
Address for a king SIRE
Agricultural remedy for a drought IRRIGATION
All Major League Baseball players, as of now MEN
Army transport JEEP
Belt color TAN
Blood lines VEINS
Borders EDGES
Camcorder button abbr REC
Came to light AROSE
Color HUE
Copenhagen crowds DANES
Cornstalk growth EAR
Creative endeavors ARTS
Cruz in the Capitol TED
Early auto brand REO
Extremely ULTRA
Farm team OXEN
Filling for quilts and cushions COTTONBATTING
Finished stealing, maybe SLID
Game show VIP EMCEE
Give up on a poker hand FOLD
Gobbled up ATE
Grandfather clock numeral III
Heredity unit GENE
Hitchhiker’s hope LIFT
Hotel amenity POOL
Important period ERA
Its atomic number is 10 NEON
Clues Answers
Keyed up TENSE
Log chopper AXE
Long story EPIC
Many new drivers TEENS
Military wear, for short CAMO
More in need of a massage SORER
Muffin topper JAM
Muhammad Ali’s boxing daughter LAILA
Nation on the South China Sea VIETNAM
Nectar collector BEE
Number worn by Pee Wee Reese ONE
Obsequious follower LACKEY
Olympus powers GODS
Ore sources MINES
Peculiar ODD
Premium brandy COGNAC
Sailors on leave must regain them LANDLEGS
Saturnalian celebration ORGY
See the sights TOUR
Signing tool PEN
Singer Cara IRENE
Sleepwear with a hood BABYBUNTING
Spade suit? TRENCHCOAT
Start for athlete or angle TRI
Start of a fitness motto USEIT
Stereo precursor MONO
Stir-fry ingredient TOFU
Sturgeon eggs ROE
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
Thai or Taiwanese ASIAN
Twisty fish EEL
Typical Al Jazeera viewer ARAB
Visit briefly DROPBY
Weaver of Greek mythology ARACHNE
White vestments ALBS
With indignation ANGRILY
Words with hurry or heartbeat INA