Wall Street Journal – Jun 14 2022 – “End In Tears” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“I knew it!” AHA
“The quality of mercy is not strained” speaker PORTIA
“___, My God, to Thee” NEARER
2017 Ed Sheeran song HAPPIER
Answer from an ensign AYE
Anticipate AWAIT
Apiece PER
ATM button ENTER
Blackbird family member ORIOLE
Brewer’s ingredients HOPS
Buckeyes’ state OHIO
Camelot conjurer MERLIN
City on a Norwegian fjord OSLO
Concerning ASTO
Contemptible folks LOUSES
Couldn’t care less DONTGIVEARIP
Country south of Sicily MALTA
Course for bus. majors ECON
Cowboy’s leggings CHAPS
Decorates ADORNS
Demonstrate flexibility ADAPT
Did one’s democratic duty VOTED
Disapproving sounds TSKS
Earth mover, of a sort SHOVEL
Easy to understand CLEARCUT
Entertainment with arias OPERA
Essay subject TOPIC
Excessively gaudy GARISH
Feet, slangily DOGS
Freudian concerns EGOS
FTX Arena team HEAT
Furthermore AND
Hankering WISH
Harvest REAP
Higher on a hotness scale SEXIER
Horses with speckled coats ROANS
Hours of grueling work, say SLOG
Iditarod competitor’s need SLED
Clues Answers
Imposing building EDIFICE
Incentivize SPUR
It’s between manganese and cobalt on the periodic table IRON
Koi’s home POND
Leave out SKIP
Like better PREFER
Like drive-thru orders TOGO
Like much of Calder’s art KINETIC
Like overcooked noodles LIMP
Lots of students, say BUSLOAD
More honorable NOBLER
Mystical practices OCCULT
Myths and legends LORE
Org. of clubs with diamonds MLB
Pass with flying colors ACE
Perched on ATOP
Persuade to participate ROPEIN
Prop for Paul Bunyan AXE
Purpose USE
Put two and two together ADDED
Ready for driving, as a golf ball TEED
Recipe verb STIR
Reggae forerunner SKA
Salma of “House of Gucci” HAYEK
Sapphire side FACET
Setting of many a Winslow Homer painting SEA
Show up ARRIVE
Singers in a loft CHOIR
Some bar entertainment KARAOKE
Speck IOTA
Strategy to make an everyday activity more efficient LIFEHACK
Tedious routines RUTS
Therefore HENCE
Tie the knot WED
Tranquil RESTFUL
Wave to the auctioneer BID

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