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Wall Street Journal – Jun 2 2018 – Identity Theft

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Clues Answers
‘Highway to Hell’ band ACDC
‘The Cask of Amontillado’ writer POE
‘This ___!’ (fighting words) ISWAR
‘Thought this would be of interest,’ for short FYI
‘We’d be happy to do that for you’ LETUS
‘___ live and breathe!’ ASI
2016 Republican candidate Carly FIORINA
A little too good for everybody UPPITY
Ace of Kiss FREHLEY
Add vitamins to FORTIFY
Aglow, maybe LIT
Apply generously SMEARON
Arm’s-length product? SELFIE
Bering or Cabot: Abbr STR
Butter portions STICKS
Calgary-to-Helena dir SSE
Camel kin ECRU
Certain evacuations AIRLIFTS
Christmas tree, often FIR
Coaching legend Parseghian ARA
Coastal notches INLETS
Concubine’s chamber ODA
Creating less mess NEATER
Curtailed oath SONOF
Cyan sibling TEAL
Dashes to open the only Christmas gift? RUNSFORPRESENT
Do some weaving SWERVE
Drive, e.g GEAR
Eagerly seized SWOOPEDUP
Encouragement for el torero OLE
End piece? ROOK
Erasmus’s is June 2 FEASTDAY
Escort from the entrance SEEIN
Eurasian grazers ROES
Fait accompli DONEDEAL
Far from sophisticated NAIVE
Fine freestyles? GRANDRAPS
Fiona, e.g OGRESS
First man to achieve a Career Golden Slam AGASSI
First page of el calendario ENERO
Fork-shaped letter PSI
Fox of fables REYNARD
G.P. gp AMA
Gene’s ‘Haunted Honeymoon’ co-star GILDA
Gets hitched WEDS
Glass part RIM
Go for gold PAN
Go-betweens LIAISONS
Golf’s Poulter IAN
Gp. scheduled to convene in Tokyo in 2020 IOC
Green subj ECOL
Greets with respect BOWSTO
Guillermo’s gold ORO
Hardly long-winded TERSE
Head start, e.g EDGE
Home of a ‘tall and tan and young and lovely’ girl IPANEMA
Ice, in the mob WHACK
Infomercial appeal DONTWAIT
It flows into the Rhine near Koblenz AARE
It makes for a very nice setting SILVER
J.D.’s foreign counterpart LLB
Jerk ASS
JFK predecessor DDE
Koblenz conjunction UND
Lady Bird’s spouse LYNDON
Like a library book, at times ONLOAN
Like a shot-putter’s throw OVERHAND

Clues Answers
Like distant lands EXOTIC
Like hair after some tonics REGROWN
Like some routines DAILY
List abbr ETAL
Lofty place? BARN
Loops in on an email CCS
Manipulate USE
Marsh of mysteries NGAIO
Mil. assistant ADC
More abundant RIFER
Most loose-limbed LITHEST
Mrs. Robinson portrayer BANCROFT
Old Dodges OMNIS
One of the good guys SAINT
Ones vigorously shaking cans TWERKERS
Oscar nominee for ‘Foxcatcher’ CARELL
P.R. hours AST
Pitch a tent, say CAMP
Pointed, at the table TINED
Pompeii coverer ASH
Probe site, perhaps UFO
Proof ending QED
Property seller, in law ALIENOR
Radioactive hydrogen isotope TRITIUM
Reagan staffer who was ‘in control’ briefly ALHAIG
Reassurance from a voice acting coach? ACCENTSWILLHAPPEN
Redbox items DVDS
Redden, perhaps RIPEN
Royals manager Ned YOST
Seized wheels REPO
Seminal supercomputer ENIAC
Shares a side with ABUTS
Shiny fabric SATEEN
Singer DiFranco ANI
Slow, in scoring LENTO
Small matter ATOM
Some PC connections DSLS
Sporty Camaro IROC
Squad cars CRUISERS
Starter starter NON
Stat in a triple-double PTS
Stinky Asian fruits DURIANS
Stock holder? STORE
Story that’s often scary ATTIC
Submarine crew’s mantra? DIVEANDCONQUER
Substitute driver ONEIRON
Sun, water and good soil? FLORAKEYS
Temerity NERVE
Tenth pg. abbr OCT
The Concorde, for short SST
The Ice Bucket Challenge benefited it: Abbr. ALS
Thelma’s pal LOUISE
They brought down Nixon TAPES
Turkey tender VET
Twist in flight YAW
Uniform color KHAKI
Wagner in Cooperstown HONUS
Web address ender ORG
What a seamstress might do after perfectly cutting a dozen patterns? FRAYTHETHIRTEENTH
White coats HOARS
Whopper topper BUN
Wii predecessor NES
With no particular purpose IDLY
Woodstock wear TIEDYE
Works, as dough KNEADS
Yield control of CEDE