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Wall Street Journal – Jun 20 2018 – Ill-Advised Activities

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Clues Answers
18-Down’s subordinate PFC
1970 John Wayne film RIOLOBO
38-Down’s superior NCO
Bard for the bereaved ELEGIST
Become a contestant ENTER
Bee Gees hit ‘___ Can’t Have You’ IFI
Betray jitters PACE
Between appointments FREE
Bookstore section ROMANCE
Composer of many polonaises CHOPIN
Corn syrup brand since 1902 KARO
Directional suffix ERN
Do a bunny imitation midflight? HOPONANAIRPLANE
Do aerobic exercises in an efficient but dangerous manner? JUMPINTHESHOWER
Doesn’t just sit there ACTS
Doesn’t tell KEEPSMUM
E-sports participant GAMER
Egg producer OVARY
Exclamation of indifference MEH
Fail to draw an audience BOMB
Fruit named for two other unrelated fruits PINEAPPLE
Fruits with seedy cores POMES
Get ___ at the table ASEAT
Give in ACCEDE
Go bad SPOIL
GPS suggestion RTE
Group of four TETRAD
Hammer ends PEENS
Instrument lens OPTIC
K.C.-to-Chicago direction ENE
Like many urban streets ONEWAY
Like panang curry THAI
Like sailors on leave ASHORE
Clues Answers
Medical fluids SERA
Money-making company? GIGOLOS
Moonshine container JUG
Muesli morsel OAT
Narrow opening SLIT
Palatal projection UVULA
Palm with dark purple berries ACAI
Partakes of EATS
Pioneer in radiation detection GEIGER
Place to bathe in mud SPA
Prevent a return to warmer climes ICEIN
Price for partying, perhaps HANGOVER
Prickly plant BRIAR
Quick-witted ALERT
Regarded EYED
Resort locales SEASIDES
Salad bar option SPROUTS
Sch. founded by Thomas Jefferson UVA
Send off SHIP
Skim pancakes across a pond? SKIPBREAKFAST
Skinflint MISER
Stylishly unkempt hairdo SHAG
Tappable tree MAPLE
Tech mogul Musk ELON
The Spike S-512, under development, e.g SST
Tread surreptitiously TIPTOE
Unaccompanied ALONE
Unemployed IDLE
Violent protest RIOT
Vote in ELECT
Word with black or photo OPS
X, sometimes TEN
Zilch NADA
___-poly ROLY