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Wall Street Journal – Jun 21 2018 – Back-to-Back

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Clues Answers
‘JAG’ spinoff NCIS
‘Jurassic Park’ preserver AMBER
‘Shut yer yap!’ CANIT
‘Silver Bells’ lyricist Ray EVANS
‘___ to Hold’ (Deanna Durbin film) HERS
12-territory section of a Risk board ASIA
Alfalfa’s love DARLA
Alternative to a snake DRANO
Arles article LES
Base boss SARGE
Boiling point? STOVE
Bow’s husband on ‘Black-ish’ DRE
Bucky Beaver’s brand IPANA
Cantina snack TAPA
Capital that will host the 2019 Pan American Games LIMA
Cheap campaign ad YARDSIGN
Chopin piece ETUDE
Colony members ANTS
Contest venues ARENAS
Crafty site ETSY
Easy mark SAP
Emulate a frog CROAK
Entourage POSSE
Exercise in the pool DOLAPS
Extra seat belt? SPARESTRAP
Fill up LADE
Gatsby’s portrayer in 1949 LADD
Go over like ___ balloon ALEAD
Goes with the wind WAFTS
Hall of Fame Cub Sandberg RYNE
Hardly fit UNAPT
He shared the 1956 ticket with Adlai ESTES
Hermana de papa TIA
Hold back DAM
Idle in Hollywood ERIC
Image of Pluto, say CEL
It might be dropped for a trip LSD
Clues Answers
Item on a card BOUT
Its anthem is ‘Jana Gana Mana’ INDIA
JFK or LBJ, e.g DEM
Like some stocks and souls REDEEMABLE
List of cons RAPSHEET
Lot location SET
Minor no-nos involving party salsa? ITSYBITSYREDIPS
Mint NEW
Modem meas BPS
Mr. or Ms., e.g ABBR
Nonstick brand TFAL
Peyton’s brother ELI
Pitcher’s lid CAP
President Horacio Cartes, e.g PARAGUAYAN
Printer’s anti-embellishment policy? CEASESERIF
Private group? ARMY
Promising place ALTAR
Promoted AIDED
Put away ATE
Rebound CAROM
Remnants of a toad’s skin treatment? THELASTWARTS
Repulsively slick gumshoes? GREASYSNOOPS
Riyadh religion ISLAM
Rosy-fingered goddess EOS
Saucer occupant CUP
Scales up? LIBRA
Scratches (out) EKES
Sea lettuce, for one ALGA
Sermon ender? ETTE
Slip settings PIERS
Spotlight hogs HAMS
They have support staffs FLAGS
Thin puff WISP
Twain’s jumping frog DANL
Uproar FLAP
Winter Palace figure TSAR
WPA supporter FDR
___ Reader (alternative magazine) UTNE