Wall Street Journal – Jun 22 2022 – “Padded Cells” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Toosie Slide” rapper DRAKE
AWOL chasers MPS
Bangladeshi or Bhutanese ASIAN
Bow applications ROSINS
Cartographer MAPPER
CBS forensics franchise CSI
Choir singer ALTO
Coated with gunk GREASY
Confessor’s list SINS
Cotton fabric MUSLIN
Crafty SLY
Dad’s mom NANA
Dahl of “Bengal Brigade” ARLENE
Diamond protection TARP
Domingo delivery ARIA
Elite retreat SPA
Fish with 64-Across TRAWL
Fishing equipment NETS
Galas, e.g APPLES
Geiger counter unit RAD
Glib reaction to a vaccination? PRICKPSHAW
Green sauce PESTO
Grim sort REAPER
Hägar’s dog SNERT
Healthy juice ingredient OATGRASS
Indian honorific SRI
Johnson’s predecessor MAY
Leaf-cutter, e.g ANT
Like shouted texts INCAPS
Like some history ORAL
Like very few games NOHIT
Lucy’s love DESI
Make a choice OPT
Manipulating others with sullen behavior? POUTPLYING
Mattress choice TWIN
Mower maker DEERE
Nawiliwili necklace LEI
NFL stats TDS
Old Speckled Hen, for one ALE
Paris arrival of May 1927, familiarly LINDY
Peloponnesian War victor SPARTA
Pen name BIC
Penultimate contest SEMI
Pietà figure MARY
Pipe cleaner center WIRE
Plants SOWS
Raised railways ELS
Sans support ALONE
Sarajevo setting BOSNIA
Scene locations in “The Birthday Party” and “Betrayal”? PINTERPLACES
Scrape SKIN
Share on Facebook, e.g REPOST
State bordering Arizona SONORA
Sting operation TRAP
Take turns SPIN
Talk online? TED
Thin strip SLAT
Those with clout INS
Town not far from Santa Fe TAOS
Transmitted SENT
Tuck’s sibling on “PAW Patrol” ELLA
Twisted, aeronautically YAWED
Urgent request PLEA
Utters SAYS
Vino region ASTI
Vintage auto REO
Waives one’s rites? ELOPES
Wayfarer’s stop INN
White House nickname IKE
Whitman assortments SAMPLERS
Wild card, at times DEUCE
Wolf, perhaps EAT
WWW addresses URLS
Zero in films MOSTEL
___-weensie EENSIE

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