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Wall Street Journal – Jun 23 2022 – “Clear Skies” Crossword Answers

Published in Wall Street Journal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Looking forward to it!” CANTWAIT
“You ___ kidding!” WERENT
*Bit of concert merch TRAINEE
*Look kindly on BRAINLESS
*Scorpion attack STRAINING
*Whistle blowers REFRAINS
1956 film with 10 Oscar nominations GIANT
Adam of Maroon 5 LEVINE
Alternative to medium RARE
Ballpark bummer, and a hint to making sense of the starred answers RAINOUT
Brand “made with Swiss Alpine herbs” RICOLA
Capital of both Slovakia and Slovenia EURO
Closes ENDS
Common sitcom rating TVPG
Count of curls REPS
Craft with needles KNITTING
Crockpot creation STEW
Do some basting SEW
Does some graphing PLOTS
Dog with “small black eyes that twinkled merrily,” according to a 1900 book TOTO
Exciting, slangily LIT
Fall behind TRAIL
Falls back RECEDES
Fiction fan READER
Flair ELAN
Food label abbr RDA
Free, in a way UNTIE
Game of building blocks TETRIS
House work ACT
Indignant utterance HOWRUDE
Intervene MEDIATE
Jokers, in two senses CARDS
Junk component SAIL
Kilt accessory TAM
Kind ILK
Kitchen adjunct DINETTE
Las Vegas players RAIDERS
Letters often preceding a year ESTD
Little dipper LADLE
Loaded with butter, or just loaded RICH
Luau bowlful POI
Make an impression ETCH
Make like a moth FLIT
Maker of Skyhawks and Skylanes CESSNA
Mama’s boys SONS
Met scores RUNS
Muscle targeted by some squats GLUTE
National League mascot Clark, for one CUB
Official proclamations EDICTS
Pac-12 team UTES
Pot component ANTE
Product detail, briefly SPEC
Pulitzer competitor HEARST
Pump number OCTANE
Pupil’s surrounder IRIS
Referred ALLUDED
Roman legion division COHORT
Scheme RUSE
Sermon subject SIN
Show of respect HOMAGE
Sign in a construction zone SLOW
Signs up for ENTERS
Some evidence DNA
Spotted SEEN
Subj. with many unknowns ALG
Swank’s “Amelia” co-star GERE
Take a spill on a mountain bike, maybe EATDIRT
Tennis call ADIN
Worker in an orchard BEE
Young bandmate STILLS
___ of fact (juries) TRIERS