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Wall Street Journal – Jun 25 2018 – KP Duty

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Clues Answers
‘Robinson Crusoe’ writer DEFOE
‘Sprechen ___ Deutsch?’ SIE
‘The Wizard of Oz’ farmhand ZEKE
‘You almost got away with it!’ NICETRY
1970 movie ‘Diary of ___ Housewife’ AMAD
Abbr. on memos and fax cover pages ATTN
Accepted without question ATEUP
Add without extra cost TOSSIN
Arctic explorer Robert PEARY
Binary type of question YESNO
Black key next to G AFLAT
Bootlegger’s arrester TMAN
California wine valley NAPA
Capital of the Bahamas NASSAU
Carpet choice SHAG
Company that sells natural and organic skin and hair products AVEDA
Copenhagen native DANE
Cousins of gulls TERNS
Dance component STEP
Dancer in the Bible SALOME
Dictation need STENOPAD
Dismounted ALIT
Dot on a map CITY
Easy victories ROMPS
Edmonton hockey player OILER
Egyptian serpent ASP
Encrusted CAKED
Explicitly precise DEFINITE
Fencing weapon EPEE
Film composer Morricone ENNIO
Finish END
German steel center ESSEN
Get ___ years ONIN
Guitarist ___ Paul LES
Harsh criticism FLAK
Hearty pub fare KIDNEYPIE
Heredity unit GENE
Clues Answers
In a violent frenzy AMOK
Intense chase of a fleeing suspect HOTPURSUIT
Kitchen storage CABINET
Layer TIER
Leg-revealing garments MINIS
Makes inquiries ASKS
Makeup of many shopping bags KRAFTPAPER
Miles away AFAR
Muscle quality TONE
NFL scores TDS
Nighttime bugle call TAPS
Nor’easter, for example STORM
November birthstone TOPAZ
Oozes, as charm EXUDES
Opposed to ANTI
Opposition vote NAY
Painter Chagall MARC
Painter Paul KLEE
Patronize, as a hotel STAYAT
Pride or gluttony, for example SIN
Protected from danger SAFE
Quaint schoolboy’s wear KNEEPANTS
Rabbit fur LAPIN
Razor-sharpening item STROP
Seedy spot? BIRDFEEDER
Senegal’s capital DAKAR
Setting of Pyongyang and Seoul KOREANPENINSULA
Shortly, in poetry ANON
Spartacus, for one SLAVE
Spots for headphones EARS
Strong cotton variety PIMA
Televised AIRED
Theater backdrop SCRIM
Wife of a lord LADY
Without help ALONE
Wood used for paneling KNOTTYPINE
Yellow flowers resembling daisies OXEYES