Wall Street Journal – Jun 25 2022 – “Turning Heads” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Dude!” BRO
“Force Behind the Forces” grp USO
“It was worth ___” ASHOT
“Now it makes sense” ISEE
“Phooey!” AWHECK
“The Great” and “The Terrible,” e.g EPITHETS
“Why don’t we!” LETS
“___ ever so humble…” BEIT
950, Roman-style CML
Alkaline solution LYE
An ellipse has two FOCI
Annual Utah film festival SUNDANCE
Antlered animals STAGS
April 1 doings PRANKS
Apt to flee from SCAREDOF
Architect’s start MODEL
Atlantic catch COD
Authority that’s not spelled out in the Constitution? UNCLEARPOWER
Average MEAN
Badger’s kin FERRET
Badminton need NET
Battery component TEST
Battleship player’s declaration HIT
Beatty and Rorem NEDS
Bookstore browsers PERUSERS
Bottle feature NECK
Bufotoxin secreter TOAD
Calendar boxes DAYS
Canadian Tire Centre players SENATORS
Carry out OBEY
Character in exile on Dagobah YODA
Cineplex quaffs SODAS
Coin in Catania EURO
Collection of works accepted as genuine CANON
Cosmetician Estée LAUDER
Count starter ONE
Cribbage board markers PEGS
Critic of a new perfume? ODORKNOCKER
Cuban coin PESO
Cuzco carrier LLAMA
D.C.-to-Raleigh heading SSW
Dealer who keeps sorcerers supplied? POTIONSTRADER
Diane of “Rambling Rose” LADD
Difficult to predict ERRATIC
Discount determiner, at times AGE
DVD for a reviewer SCREENER
Easel for an engraver? ETCHSUPPORT
Exclamation of insight AHA
Excuse-making Ring Lardner character ALIBIIKE
Expedited SPEDUP
Faint DIM
Farmers’ market unit STAND
Fidel’s comrade CHE
Fields of interest REALMS
Fighting Olympian ARES
Flyboys AIRMEN
Foots the bill PAYS
Gift tag word FOR
Good-sized real estate buy? ACREPACKAGE
Got to work via, say RODEON
Harden SET
Humanoid robot in 2014’s “Ex Machina” AVA
Identify, in a way POINTAT
Initialize for a different operating system REFORMAT
Inked animal, perhaps TOON
Inoffensively dull TAME
Japanese, e.g EASTASIAN
Lawn coating DEW
Legendary lover CASANOVA
Clues Answers
Letter before Quebec PAPA
Like an anchor, often ONCAMERA
Like some slips FREUDIAN
Little lies FIBS
Location SITE
Make a hasty visit to, as a convenience store DASHIN
Make a second film together, say RETEAM
Melber of MSNBC ARI
Microbe-free ASEPTIC
Monumental BIG
More precious DEARER
Neighbor of Arg. and Braz URU
Nicholas II’s genealogy? TSARCHART
Nick Charles’s wife NORA
No longer into OVER
Not available TAKEN
Office divisions CUBICLES
Oft-torn knee part, in sports reports ACL
Ominous time IDES
On the sheltered side ALEE
Online help feature CHAT
Orchestra’s place PIT
Parabolic paths ARCS
Part of a robotic limb? ULNARMODULE
Pastime in a pub DARTS
PC’s place DESKTOP
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Pirates score RUN
Plaything for a capricious god MORTAL
Poivre partner SEL
Position determined by the courts LEGALSTATUS
Prez on fives ABE
Purpose of a famed 1961 wall? RIVINGBERLIN
Reprimand for Rover BAD
Respectful address MADAM
Round figure PAR
Rubber bullet firer RIOTGUN
Sacred word VOW
Saloon frequented by Spanish sailors? ARMADAINN
Savory triangular pastry SAMOSA
Sedans from Kia RIOS
Serious-minded STAID
Shearing sound BAA
Some Lamaze class attendees DADSTOBE
Some phone beeps ALERTS
Spicy cuisine THAI
Spigoted server URN
Spike of film LEE
Squeeze (out) EKE
Station worker REDCAP
Taiwanese PCs ACERS
Tarzan’s adoptive family APES
They’re at home in an 1851 song OLDFOLKS
Thong, e.g SANDAL
Three-handed card game SKAT
Tiny trace SCINTILLA
Trailers, e.g ADS
Trial balloon FEELER
Turkish officer PASHA
Undisguised OVERT
Warblers do it TRILL
Ward (off) FEND
Washbowl accompanier EWER
Where Caravaggio painted “Saint Jerome Writing” MALTA
Whirl of water EDDY
Whirling INASPIN
Wordless permission NOD
Work periods STINTS

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