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Wall Street Journal – Jun 26 2018 – Chanced Upon

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Clues Answers
‘Doctor Who’ network BBC
‘Fuhgeddaboudit!’ NAH
‘Goodness!’ DEARME
‘Hamilton’ role BURR
‘I’ve heard enough already!’ TMI
‘The Alienist’ author Caleb CARR
‘Yikes!’ EGAD
‘You bet!’ YES
1980s arcade game spinoff MSPACMAN
About 5.88 trillion mi LTYR
Apples in offices MACS
Bagel variety ONION
Basic stuff ALKALI
Be a kvetch CARP
Be abundant TEEM
Best Western rival RAMADA
Between ports ASEA
Bridge bid, informally ONENO
Bronte heroine EYRE
Cafeteria convenience TRAY
Call the shots DIRECT
Card game cry UNO
Choice coffee variety KONA
Composer Weill KURT
Concert venues ARENAS
Crucial KEY
Deal with difficulties COPE
Defense secretary Carter’s full first name ASHTON
Draining action EDDY
Dresser alternative ARMOIRE
Fails to be ISNT
Fedora feature BRIM
Fictional crime family SOPRANOS
First female attorney general RENO
Folks with handles CBERS
Go bad ROT
Hawaiian Punch competitor HIC
Clues Answers
Headliners STARS
Hill workers ANTS
Inky black, in poetry EBON
It’s big in California SUR
Kind of column SPINAL
Like much ’90s music ONCD
Like Nigeria, but not Algeria SUBSAHARAN
Like some histories ORAL
Look the wrong way? LEER
Lyft competitor UBER
Mark’s successor EURO
Marshall Tucker Band hit ‘Heard ___ Love Song’ ITINA
Melt base TUNA
Movie role for Harrison and Alden HAN
Office PC setup LAN
Oscar nominee as Louise Sawyer SARANDON
Philosopher Kierkegaard SOREN
Pop idol? MOM
Power drill feature PISTOLGRIP
Praise that’s not prose ODE
Protein-building acid AMINO
Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge setting MAINE
See 63-Across ACROSS
Shams, say LINEN
Sinus specialist: Abbr ENT
Solar eclipse sight CORONA
Some busts ART
Stacked snack OREO
Think creatively NOODLE
Time out? COMA
Took home MADE
Trudge along PLOD
Tuition lessener STUDENTAID
Vacation destination ISLE
With 64-Across, chanced upon, and this puzzle’s theme RAN
Working on commission, perhaps INSALES