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Wall Street Journal – Jun 27 2018 – Sex Symbol

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Clues Answers
‘Buzz off!’ SCRAM
‘Mack the Knife’ composer WEILL
‘The Last O.G.’ network TBS
‘We are their voice’ org ASPCA
*Directory with a ‘walking fingers’ logo YELLOWPAGES
*Elizabeth Taylor trademark VIOLETEYES
*Film in which Elvis sang ‘Rock-A-Hula Baby’ BLUEHAWAII
*Special effects background GREENSCREEN
*Stadium that once housed a live dolphin ORANGEBOWL
*They’re seen under the stars REDCARPETS
1938’s ‘The War of the Worlds,’ e.g RADIOPLAY
Alluring quality CHARM
Boxers Muhammad and 46-Down ALIS
Bravely resist DEFY
Breaks ground HOES
Choreographer Alvin AILEY
Co. making holiday arrangements FTD
Computer-controlled game character BOT
Concession SOP
Decorated pitchers EWERS
Drag component, often WIG
Escalator aid RAIL
Essential element BEALL
Exits GOES
Fairness-in-the-workplace org EEOC
Fanning of ‘The Beguiled’ ELLE
Festooned as an October prank TPED
Fletcher’s product ARROW
Frat address BRO
Frequent flyers? ADS
Housekeeper’s headache STY
Improv performance SCENE
In no longer PASSE
Judge’s cry ORDER
Key words? OSAY
LGBTQ symbol celebrating its 40th anniversary hinted at by the starts of the starred answers FLAG
Like some rap and snowboarding FREESTYLE
Make like an unhappy baby BAWL
March Madness org NCAA
Clues Answers
Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, e.g IDOLS
Mil. leader GEN
Mileage meter prefix ODO
Mob biggie DON
Most recent news THELATEST
Musher’s charge SLED
Narrow neckwear choices BOLOS
Not kosher TREF
Painter’s estimation AREA
Pick up slowly GLEAN
Pool workout LAPS
Post’s opposite PRE
Price fix? RETAG
Rainbows, essentially ARCS
Reason for a limp, maybe BUMLEG
Reprimand for Rex BADDOG
See 20-Across LAILA
Shah Jahan’s capital AGRA
Shelter adoptee STRAY
Shout-outs from Rocky YOS
Sicilian postcard subject ETNA
Stalagmite creator DRIP
Sumac with an impressive range YMA
Sweet drink suffix ADE
Takes a lot of shots? TIESONEON
Thunder and Lightning, e.g TEAMS
Tiananmen Square honoree MAO
Time off, in mil. slang RNR
TV Tarzan portrayer Ron ELY
University of Miami’s mascot Sebastian, e.g IBIS
Valuation WORTH
Virginia in the bookstore WOOLF
Vivacious quality BRIO
Waiting at a light IDLE
Where to put down roots SOIL
Words to the audience ASIDE
X, at times CHI
YouTube upload, briefly VID
___ flottante (classic French dessert) ILE