Wall Street Journal – Jun 27 2022 – “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Winnie ___ Pu” (first Latin bestseller in the U.S.) ILLE
“___ the thing…” HERES
1986 Top Ten hit for Stacey Q TWOOFHEARTS
Add location metadata to, as a photo GEOTAG
Barrel maker’s tool ADZE
Bricks-and-mortar operation STORE
Confident way to solve crosswords INPEN
Crossed (out) XED
Done, in Dijon FINI
Emergency briefcase that follows the president NUCLEARFOOTBALL
Fall behind TRAIL
Folk hero who planted trees JOHNNYAPPLESEED
GE bought it in 1986 RCA
Hat for a Special Forces soldier BERET
Home of the Marlins MIAMI
Like many Van Gogh night scenes STARLIT
Madrid missus SENORA
Manipulative folks USERS
Nigerian author who won the Nobel Prize for Literature SOYINKA
Nocturnal birds with piercing calls SCREECHOWLS
Not forgotten INMIND
One might end with .org or .edu URL
Polished off EATEN
Pucker-inducing TART
Runs from danger FLEES
Tel Aviv’s nation ISRAEL
Tibetan holy man LAMA
Trigonometric function SINE
Violinist Stern ISAAC

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