Wall Street Journal – Jun 28 2018 – C+

Clues Answers
‘Bacchus and Ariadne’ painter TITIAN
‘Remedia Amoris’ poet OVID
1978 movie directed by Michael Crichton COMA
Acceleration spot ONRAMP
Awards won by brother bandleaders Tommy and Jimmy? DORSEYPRIZES
Barber’s challenge MOP
Bikini blast ATEST
Blasteroids producer ATARI
Bring up to speed BRIEF
Caress in the shower SOAP
Cheerless DRAB
Chew out YELLAT
City that claims the world’s largest gold pan NOME
Climber’s spot CRAG
Consider when deciding FACTORIN
Contemplate MULL
Creche trio MAGI
Cunning GUILE
Deck division SUIT
Devils’ playground RINK
Didn’t merely pass ACED
Dominant ALPHA
Draft choice BEER
Eric and Donald Jr.’s mother IVANA
Field cover TARP
Fire CAN
Firebug PYRO
First filter-tipped menthols SALEMS
Flub ERR
Goes down SETS
Heather Wilson is its secy USAF
High point ACME
High-end camera SLR
Hispanic’s counterpart ANGLO
Jason Bourne, for one AMNESIAC
Kept from wilting, perhaps WATERED
Clues Answers
Lacking a leader TIED
Latitude LEEWAY
Leading light DOYEN
Many a film festival contender INDIE
Muppet who visited Grouchland ELMO
Old Sunday newspaper inserts ROTOS
Opportune RIPE
Painter Uccello PAOLO
Powerful Florentine family MEDICIS
Put together CREATE
Raspberry’s cousins JEERS
Ready to run EDITED
Retreat LAIR
River past Memphis NILE
Roger Price ‘what is it?’ cartoon DROODLE
Role for Nicholson, Ledger and Leto THEJOKER
Salsa choice MILD
Scores ALOT
Screen resolution unit PIXEL
Simple schoolbook with a frilly cover? LACYREADER
Software holder DISC
Subject of a Magritte painting (or not) PIPE
Sushi stuff RICE
Tent show featuring trained sheep? FLEECYCIRCUS
They bust dealers NARCS
Tool for pounding out dents from rough urban traffic? TAXIHAMMER
Tracy and Hepburn’s sixth movie together ADAMSRIB
Treating words ONME
Two of four ‘Monday, Monday’ singers MAMAS
Undress with one’s eyes OGLE
Venetian side POLENTA
Where to get a six-pack GYM
Whiz along ZOOM
Wooden projection TENON
Words mouthed by televised athletes HIMOM
Work-at-home sort UMP

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