Wall Street Journal – Jun 28 2022 – “It’s a Setup” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Don’t Bring Me Down” band ELO
“Law & Order: SVU” actor ICET
“The Lord of the Rings” baddies ORCS
“Vive ___!” LEROI
“___ been swell” ITS
*Fall guys in some cases INNOCENTMEN
*Founding Fathers’ legacy THECONSTITUTION
*Recent development NEWCONSTRUCTION
*Shutterbug’s endeavor PHOTOGRAPHY
Acorn source OAK
Activity associated with each of the starred answers FRAMING
Altar promise IDO
Approach GONEAR
Architect of the Louvre Pyramid IMPEI
Aussie animal ROO
Candy with collectible dispensers PEZ
Caribou cousin ELK
Carry too far OVERDO
Cattle call MOO
Chain with MinuteClinics CVS
Chaney of horror movies LON
Chart again REMAP
Commotions TODOS
Counting everything INTOTAL
Decimal base TEN
Desktop images ICONS
Disagreeing answers NOS
Dog tag? FIDO
Drops a line, maybe EDITS
EMT’s practice CPR
Explosive stuff TNT
Feeling all excited ATINGLE
Floral neckwear LEI
Gave out hands DEALT
God of war ARES
Goof ERR
Great Plains tribe OTOE
Gyro bread PITA
Heat in a microwave ZAP
Helmet attachment STRAP
Hurling or curling SPORT
It’s picked in India SITAR
Maiden name preceder NEE
Movie F/X CGI
Onetime owner of Capitol Records EMI
Org. that might answer an SOS USCG
Org. that monitors air quality EPA
Paranormal power, for short ESP
People person? CELEB
Pigeon call COO
Polynesian paradise TAHITI
Right-angle shape ELL
Score after the first soccer goal ONENIL
Score duffers rarely achieve EVENPAR
Scout group TROOP
Second cosmonaut to orbit Earth TITOV
Sen. Sasse’s state NEB
Shade HUE
Shade of black SABLE
Sitcom installment EPISODE
Speeding ticket abbr MPH
Spot at a casino PIP
Spot for a stud EAR
Start for marketing or commuting TELE
Stocking stuffer? SANTA
Strikes sharply SLAPS
Summer camp locale LAKE
Surgery spots in a hosp ORS
There’s nothing to it, in math NULLSET
Thoreau topic NATURE
Time piece? ARTICLE
Tweaks, say REWORKS
Use a nanny cam, say SPY
Wagner opera heroine ISOLDE
Watson of the Harry Potter films EMMA
Wharton grad MBA
Word after black or special OPS

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