Wall Street Journal – Jun 29 2022 – “Talking Shop” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Come ___, the water’s fine!” ONIN
“Nashville” director ALTMAN
“Super!” SWELL
“The French Dispatch” director Anderson WES
Accumulated, as debt RANUP
Acid type AMINO
Band blasters AMPS
Bounding stride LOPE
Builder’s wing ELL
Choose to work together PARTNERUP
Comedy club offering, slangily LAFFS
Cor anglais’s cousin OBOE
Cor anglais’s range ALTO
Cutting, as a reply TART
Defame in print LIBEL
Died down ABATED
Diner bowlful SOUP
Dish sampled with special forks FONDUE
Disney film set in Polynesia MOANA
Eliciting a yawn DULL
Fashionably quaint RETRO
Fill with joy ELATE
First responder, initially EMT
Flipped out GONEAPE
For both of us OUR
Highly desirable PLUM
Home furnisher’s responsibility DECOR
Hot dog topped with meat sauce CONEY
Hot, in a way EROTIC
If that’s not the case ELSE
Improvised line ADLIB
Industrious insects ANTS
Informal farewell TOODLES
Key for canceling ESC
Luminous circle HALO
Make do COPE
Make like a monk INTONE
Marshlands FENS
Miller of the “Fantastic Beasts” movies EZRA
New cassette, e.g BLANKTAPE
Noir movie in the National Film Registry DOA
Obstacles in supermarket parking lots CARTS
One of ten in an alley PIN
Permit ALLOW
Poem that covers a few weeks of a war ILIAD
Pooh finds his missing tail EEYORE
Port on the Black Sea ODESSA
Pothole’s place ROAD
Pristine places EDENS
Ready for harvesting RIPE
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
San Diego attraction ZOO
Sasha Obama’s sister MALIA
Sculpting medium STONE
Seat of Bolivia’s government LAPAZ
Sight-based OPTICAL
Simple abode HUT
Simple cotton fabric MUSLIN
Site for sprees MALL
Slow tempo LARGO
Sporting spot ARENA
Strand unit PEARL
The ATP’s humanitarian award is named for him ASHE
The Mustangs’ sch SMU
Tool for Betsy Ross? BANNERADZ
Tool for Jonas Salk? CUREAWL
Tool for Moby? TECHNOFILE
Tool for Noah? FLOODPLANE
Tool for Taylor Swift? POPSICKLE
Two-way, as some doors INOUT
Ultimate LAST
Without break ONEND
Words from an Italian lover TIAMO
Zodiac feline LEO

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