Wall Street Journal – Jun 30 2022 – “Swab Story” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“___ pasa?” QUE
“Everything’s perfect” AOK
“Lou Grant” production co MTM
“The Desert Fox” ROMMEL
“The Wind in the Willows” character MOLE
“___ a Spell on You” IPUT
1997 title role for Peter Fonda ULEE
According to PER
Adorable ones QTIEPIES
Awaiting delivery INUTERO
Behaves well at a bus stop FORMSAQ
Bit of immorality SIN
Brightly colored songbird TANAGER
Commonly misused toiletry item, and a clue to six answers in this puzzle QTIP
Company sign LOGO
Conical abodes TEPEES
Database command SORT
Disgusted utterance UGH
Displace UPROOT
Easy question LOB
Family adoptee PET
Fastened, in a way TIEDON
Favorite TOPSEED
Feature of some skirts SLIT
Figure skating jump QUAD
Fixed SET
Former Romanian president Ion ILIESCU
Forty winks CATNAP
Get to RILE
Google results HITS
GOP fundraising org RNC
Great Lakes city ERIE
Guy who likes food FIERI
Had a course ATE
He played Freddie in “Bohemian Rhapsody” RAMI
He played with Kobe SHAQ
Hold fast INSIST
Layered dos SHAGS
Least speculative SUREST
Lola’s workplace THECOPA
Luxor’s location THESTRIP
Mantel piece? URN
Mate for une poule COQ
Mister, in Madeira SENHOR
Orders to attack SICSON
Perfectly timed RIGHTONQ
Piddling MEAGER
Pompous person ASS
Potential pickle QCUMBER
Prefix for puncture ACU
Prepare for shipping CRATEUP
Red ___ (cinnamon candies) HOTS
Relentlessly pursues DOGS
Root beer purveyor Edward BARQ
Rue’s sister on “Euphoria” GIA
Snap count sound HUT
Stock holders PENS
Store sign OPEN
Stories that may be dirty ATTICS
Take measures ACT
Tex-Mex treat TAMALE
They may leave shells strewn on the beach EBBTIDES
Toys named for a love god QPIEDOLLS
Trading day peak HIGH
Tree with cones FIR
Tree with fan-shaped leaves GINKGO
Vancouver-to-Seattle dir SSE
Voice quality TONE
Volcanologist’s sample ASH
Well stocked REPLETE
Where Jim Dandy was headed TOTHERESQ
Where to find ESPN ONCABLE
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
You might pick it ORE

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