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Wall Street Journal – Jun 5 2018 – Golly!

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Clues Answers
‘Well, what d’you know!’ GEE
About half of all deliveries SONS
Adoption option PET
Be inconspicuous BLENDIN
Blinds unit SLAT
Boxers Muhammad and Laila ALIS
Call from a stall NEIGH
Cart puller ASS
Catkin-bearing tree ALDER
Co-op alternative CONDO
Country singer Tillis MEL
Crazy as ___ ALOON
Deliberately taunts BAITS
Denial in Deutschland NEIN
Digs of twigs NESTS
Do as told OBEY
Does a janitorial chore MOPS
Epic poem of the Trojan War ILIAD
Exclamation from Ebenezer BAH
Fellow MAN
Fertility clinic cells OVA
Formally modify AMEND
Fragrant blossoms LILACS
Free money? BAIL
Give the slip to ELUDE
Hang loosely LOLL
Head shop pipes BONGS
Heaters RODS
Hemingway nickname PAPA
Israeli flag feature MAGENDAVID
Justice Sotomayor SONIA
Latvia’s capital RIGA
Like salt in water SOLUBLE
Line of hay ready for baling WINDROW
Long, repetitive recital LITANY
Clues Answers
Lotion additive ALOE
Lots for yachts MARINAS
Many fast-food workers TEENS
Masked drama of Japan NOH
Method: Abbr SYS
Mi. divisions YDS
Model plane material BALSA
Nittany Lions’ sch PSU
Offering little challenge EASY
One of Alcott’s March sisters AMY
Person next in line HEIR
Pin in a girder RIVET
Place to hide to escape danger BOLTHOLE
Player’s payment ANTE
Provence pal AMI
Refusal in Rossiya NYET
Riverbed deposit SEDIMENT
Sacred song PSALM
She played Flo on ‘Alice’ POLLYHOLLIDAY
She played Truvy Jones in ‘Steel Magnolias’ DOLLYPARTON
She plays Archie Andrews’s mother on ‘Riverdale’ MOLLYRINGWALD
She voices Elastigirl in ‘The Incredibles’ HOLLYHUNTER
Short rests, to Brits LIEDOWNS
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Singer LeAnn RIMES
Some Cher wear WIGS
Spring LEAP
Synagogue seat PEW
Through VIA
Toothy swimmers PIRANHAS
Tubular instrument OBOE
Typographer’s exaggerated serif SWASH
Verb for you ARE
Very soon ANYDAY
Without a break ONEND