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Wall Street Journal – Jun 7 2018 – Animal Crackers

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Clues Answers
‘Code Black’ carrier CBS
‘Cops’ theme song BADBOYS
‘The game of unspeakable fun’ TABOO
‘Well done!’ NICE
10-Across that’s big in Hollywood? MOOVIEMOGUL
3-Down that’s really into the past? HISSTORYBUFF
54-Down that acts like it owns the town? GRRANDPOOBAH
69-Across that’s a hot mess? BAASKETCASE
Afflict AIL
Akbar’s capital AGRA
Arabian dinner OATS
BASIC programming command GOTO
Bobble the ball ERR
Bravo’s ‘___ of Sunset’ SHAHS
Brown quickly SEAR
By a whisker BARELY
Catch some waves? HEAR
Catering hall server URN
Certain sib SIS
Characteristic ATTRIBUTE
Climber’s challenge CHASM
Cold, in Cabo FRIO
Common sense WITS
Conceder’s pronouncement ILOSE
Court do-over LET
Daft Punk, e.g DUO
Dawn Bellwether of ‘Zootopia,’ for one EWE
De Gaulle ally AMI
Dim sum accompaniment TEA
Domino offering CANESUGAR
Door sign MEN
Double rainbow’s makeup ARCS
Drain pain CLOG
Ear, in combinations OTO
Focus of pneumatics GASES
Frantic signal SOS
General assembly ARMY

Clues Answers
Give a hand DEALIN
Good fighter EVIL
Halley’s comet, for Harold II OMEN
He played Robin to Olivia’s Marian ERROL
Hefty herbivore RHINO
Honda subsidiary ACURA
How chicken a la king is often served ONRICE
Ill-fated Anne BOLEYN
Invite ASK
Invoice line NET
James Carville’s alma mater LSU
Leading indicators? BATONS
Life partner? LIMB
Life symbol ANKH
Like some Christmas cards NEWSY
Marilyn’s given name NORMA
Mercury, Mars or Saturn BRAND
Ophiologist’s specimen SNAKE
Partake of SHAREIN
Premise to prove THESIS
Put away EAT
Range rover COW
San Juan Hill setting CUBA
She duetted with Justin on ‘The Only Promise That Remains’ REBA
Shopper’s motivator SALE
Significant stretch ERA
Soap bubble, e.g ORB
Sparkle ELAN
Strength of character FIBER
Tacks on ADDS
Take a trip, say FALL
Template for some Asian moms TIGER
Times up ATBATS
Tokyo airport NARITA
Trafficked in RAN
Vidi, translated ISAW
Where cards can get you cash ATM
Winged singers WRENS