Wall Street Journal – Jun 8 2022 – “Cutting Back” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Don’t test me!” IMEANIT
“My Cup Runneth Over” singer Ed AMES
“Tamburlaine the Great” playwright MARLOWE
“This might be interesting,” for short FYI
“West Side Story” role for which Ariana DeBose won her Oscar ANITA
“You’re absolutely right!” HOWTRUE
Apple platform IOS
Astronaut Grissom GUS
Baseball card buy PACK
Began, TV-wise CAMEON
Big name in yogurt CHOBANI
Can’t do without NEEDS
Character who debuted in Detective Comics #359 BATGIRL
Constrain a part-time worker at Arizona State? TEMPERTEMPETEMP
Cuts a canine, maybe TEETHES
Didn’t follow IGNORED
Down SAD
Draw on again RETAP
Drives away REPELS
EarthLink or AOL, e.g ISP
Eden outcast EVE
Either of a pair of muscles overlapped by the traps LAT
Entirety SUM
Evince ennui YAWN
FedEx competitor UPS
Fit for Muslim diners HALAL
Go astray ERR
He escapes from a Sydney dentist’s aquarium NEMO
Hoodlum’s heat GAT
Inconclusive finish TIE
Join together KNIT
Kinkajou’s cousin COATI
Leading men? ALPHAMALES
Lean and muscular WIRY
Legal matter RES
Livened (up) PEPPED
Logical start? GEO
Louvre Pyramid designer PEI
Luau staple TARO
Makes bubbly AERATES
Mass communication’s source? PULPIT
Memorial Quadrangle setting YALE
Mill supply GRIST
Object of extraction ORE
Photographer Goldin NAN
Place in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” ETTA
Played the siren SEDUCED
Prime divisor ONE
Promote heavily FLOG
Proposal governing global aviation? PLANETPLANEPLAN
Put the kibosh on END
San Remo setting RIVIERA
Sch. near the Charles River MIT
Shocked AGHAST
Silence HUSH
Some reduced-price merchandise REMAINDERS
Some TVs HDS
Stove timer went off in a park employee’s kitchen? RANGERRANGERANG
Sycophant LAPDOG
The Bermuda station wagon, e.g EDSEL
The history of soft-shaded glue? PASTELPASTEPAST
There are lots in lots CARS
Third cal. column TUE
Thought-provoking DEEP
To ___ (perfectly) ATEE
Upsilon follower PHI
Very little ATRACE
Western topper STETSON
With it, once HEP
Yosemite attraction, familiarly ELCAP
Yossarian’s creator HELLER

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