Wall Street Journal – Mar 1 2018

Clues Answers
‘Adios!’ alternative BYE
‘Adios!’ alternative HASTALUEGO
‘Kapow!’ BAM
‘Oh, that’s likely!’ IBET
‘The Old Gringo’ author Fuentes CARLOS
1975 Bob Seger song KATMANDU
A few rounds, usually BOUT
After ALA
Battery size AAA
Becomes friendly WARMS
Begin to melt GETSOFT
Big game figure EMCEE
Big name in little bricks LEGO
Big, like a concerto GROSSO
Bleating sound MAA
Bring up RAISE
Capital nicknamed ‘La Ciudad de los Reyes’ LIMA
Cartographer’s notches BAYS
Castilian hero ELCID
Chemist’s seasoning NACL
Company with a SkyRise line OTIS
Crushes ROUTS
Damselfish’s home REEF
Dweller in an asymmetrical shell SNAIL
End-of-week cry TGIF
Figure on the frontispiece of Mercator’s 1595 work ATLAS
Fish that can swim backward EEL
Geol., e.g SCI
Gravy morsels GIBLETS
Hindu soul ATMAN
In a risky situation, and something found four times in this puzzle OUTONALIMB
In ___ (lined up) AROW
Johnny Cash album ‘Happiness ___’ ISYOU
Letter collections RENTS
Like bricklayers and plumbers BLUECOLLAR
Clues Answers
Like some questions YESNO
Long stretch EON
Massive star IDOL
Masters pieces POEMS
Method WAY
Method: Abbr SYS
Mucky ground MIRE
Mucky-muck POOBAH
NBA Rookie of the Year in 1993 ONEAL
Net delivery EMAIL
One might result in the question ‘Where’s the fire?’ FALSEALARM
Party leader HOST
Play director COACH
Polishing powder EMERY
Protection AEGIS
Put to rest ALLAY
Ross and Rachel’s daughter on ‘Friends’ EMMA
Rub off ABRADE
Rudimentary INCHOATE
Shiftless sort IDLER
Shipper’s posting RATES
Shooting option, briefly SLR
Shpeak like thish SLUR
Some addresses URLS
Spike Jonze film that won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar HER
Strategist for Reagan and Bush ATWATER
Strong bone TIBIA
Surprise hit SLEEPER
Taunting remark GIBE
They take bows TIES
Univ. or acad SCH
Winery stock CASKS
Works on walls ART
World Series champs of 1966, 1970 and 1983 ORIOLES
___ Francisco (Brazilian river) SAO

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