Wall Street Journal – Mar 10 2018 – Extra Helpings

Clues Answers
‘All the things that God would have ___ are hard’: ‘Moby Dick’ USDO
‘L’Heure Espagnole’ composer RAVEL
‘Le Penseur’ artist RODIN
‘Me too!’ SOAMI
‘Mr. Robot’ star RAMIMALEK
‘My word!’ ISAY
‘No Exit’ author SARTRE
‘Takin’ Care of Business’ band, for short BTO
‘The King’s Speech’ director Tom HOOPER
‘Valley of the Dolls’ author SUSANN
*Breakfast in a jam? TRAFFICSCONE
*Essential ingredient for groovy baking? FABFLOUR
*Glow-in-the-dark sandwich cookie? URANIUMOREO
*Nonpoisonous borscht vegetable? SAFEBEET
*Off-the-hook Japanese soup stock? MADDASHI
*Slam-dancer’s bread? MOSHPITA
*Wedding march remnants? CRUSHEDRICE
*What you might find at the bottom of a trick-or-treater’s bag? RAGGEDYCANDY
2010 World Cup winner SPAIN
35-Across, for one TREE
Affected smiles SIMPERS
Aisle rollers CARTS
Alan of ‘The Aviator’ ALDA
Aleppo resident SYRIAN
Arson aftermath ASHES
Auto adornments DECALS
Bad beginning MAL
Beginning on ASOF
Benefit AVAIL
Black Panthers co-founder Bobby SEALE
Bolivian president Morales EVO
Boo-boo bellow OUCH
Boot brand UGG
Break off END
Bureau of Consumer Protection org FTC
Capt.’s subordinate CDR
Cave quality, often DANKNESS
Computer hookup? EDATE
Courageously determined UNDAUNTED
Cpl.’s subordinate PVT
Current units AMPERES
D.C. player NAT
Defamation defense TRUTH
Defaulter’s woe REPO
Defense policy grp NSC
Deserving of an R rating GORY
Digital identifier SSN
Dream state, for short REM
Dribble catcher BIB
Drink from a stand LEMONADE
Encouraged URGEDON
English homework list, for short VOCAB
Even one ANY
Fall guy? STUNTMAN
Fetters Legirons
Fwys., e.g RTES
Garden figure EVE
Gasteyer of ‘Suburgatory’ ANA
Genesis landing site ARARAT
German article EIN
Giggle bit HEE
Good to go AOK
Goof off LOAF
Greeting to a party guest YOUMADEIT
Harsh critic BASHER
Heady creature? HYDRA
Hosp. figures DRS
Hymn tune CHORALE
Jai ___ ALAI
Late for work? NIGHTSHIFT
Lent’s forty DAYS
Lets go SACKS
Like baseball cards TRADABLE
Lyricist Gershwin IRA
Major vanilla exporter MADAGASCAR
Malarkey TRIPE
Max Gel Clog Remover brand DRANO
Mets’ div NLE
Monopoly piece HOTEL
Mountainous isle of Scotland SKYE
Nailed the exam ACEDIT
New beginnings REBIRTHS
Nuzzler’s target, perhaps NAPE
O.T. book read at Purim ESTH
Onetime teammate of Magic KAREEM
Pate protector HAT
Person who could use a lift SKIER
Pesto ingredient BASIL
Pig’s foot TROTTER
Place for highlights SALON
Place for peels SPA
Place for winners FIRST
Poplar family member ASPEN
Potted plant? TEA
Pro’s shooter SLR
Proposal supports? KNEES
Quill cousin PEN
Repetitious ITERATIVE
Roast host EMCEE
Rush order ASAP
Sainthood requirement MIRACLE
San Diego Fwy. setting SOCAL
Sapporo sash OBI
School period LUNCH
Seat in le parc BANC
Sense of importance EGO
She judged along with Simon and Randy PAULA
Shower component METEOR
Site of fighting in 1914 and 1918 MARNE
Site of the Wat Phu temple complex LAOS
Small amphibian EFT
Snide attitude SNARK
Some MIT grad EES
Some use Face ID IPHONES
Source of online talks TED
Sportscaster Albert MARV
Spot SEE
Start of a Caesar boast ICAME
Statistical figures MODES
Suffix with vigor or rigor OUS
Swooning teen’s pronouncement IMINLOVE
Terrarium growths MOSSES
Tony-winning role for Patti LuPone EVAPERON
Took part in a cattle call MOOED
Treat with contempt SCORN
Unwanted impression DENT
UPS tracking notification DELIVERED
Went ahead LED
Went bad TURNED
What’s been added to the starred answers CALORIES
Wild blue yonder ETHER
Willowy SVELTE
Wooden clog SABOT
Yellow hues AMBERS
Yellowstone grazer ELK

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