Wall Street Journal – Mar 12 2018 – Riverfronts

Clues Answers
‘2001’ computer HAL
‘My word!’ GEE
‘That’s correct’ YES
Asylum seeker, perhaps EMIGRE
Author Umberto ECO
Baseball family name ALOU
Basketball great Archibald NATE
Become proficient in MASTER
Better ventilated AIRIER
Blackthorn fruit SLOE
Bleachers occupant FAN
Canadian one-dollar coin LOONIE
Cheering loudly AROAR
Circle segment ARC
City of central Georgia MACON
Clark who’s actually Kryptonian KENT
Coldly determined STEELY
Come into view EMERGE
Craps cube DIE
Departed GONE
Descartes’s conclusion IAM
End for Japan or Taiwan ESE
Engineers who relocate the course of a river? CHANNELCHANGERS
Excited exclamation YEEHAW
Feed bag fill OATS
Frying fat LARD
Geometry measure AREA
Grammy winner Bruno MARS
Group policing the end of a river? DELTAFORCE
Heredity unit GENE
In disagreement ATODDS
Its atomic number is 10 NEON
Langley-based org CIA
Language of Southeast Asia LAO
Leave flabbergasted STUN
Letter after pi RHO
Liquid rock MAGMA
Clues Answers
Llama’s cousin ALPACA
Lotion additive ALOE
More than a few MANY
Movie reviewer Roger EBERT
Number after zwei DREI
Open the door to LETIN
Overcharged GOUGED
Pine-scented, say WOODSY
Polite address SIR
Posterior REAR
Powerful Pontiac of the past GTO
Prepares for prayer KNEELS
President before JFK DDE
Pulls gently TUGS
Purse snatcher on the side of a river? BANKROBBER
Ran through LANCED
Rock concert sight AMP
Sale item indicator, often REDTAG
Second son ABEL
Sentry watching over a river’s end? MOUTHGUARD
Set of rules governing a river’s start? SOURCECODE
Sewing kit item PIN
Shoe color TAN
Short sock ANKLET
Silently acknowledge NODTO
Soak up the sunshine BASK
Song for a diva ARIA
Tenor Enrico CARUSO
Tijuana tot NINO
Train unit CAR
Turkey’s capital ANKARA
Tylenol target PAIN
Umpire’s ruling CALL
Under the weather ILL
Untrustworthy type LIAR
Well-behaved child ANGEL
Yoga surface MAT
___ cheese dressing BLEU

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