Wall Street Journal – Mar 13 2018 – See Food

Clues Answers
‘And then some!’ ISITEVER
‘Moonstruck’ star CHER
‘Yeah, right!’ OHSURE
*1-Across, for one COLDCEREAL
*Gluten-free breakfast offering from General Mills CORNCHEX
*It may be topped with cream cheese frosting CARROTCAKE
*Nutty Chinese restaurant dish CASHEWCHICKEN
*See 15-Across COFFEE
*With 65-Across, it’s made with grounds in boiling water COWBOY
1970s kid, briefly XER
2017 film whose main character is Miguel Rivera COCO
Animal on Maine’s flag MOOSE
Artist Mondrian PIET
Austin Powers catchphrase OHBEHAVE
Badminton need NET
Basic idea GIST
Blacken on a grill SEAR
Book before Deut NUM
Boxcar rider HOBO
Braying animal ASS
Bunch of, informally LOTTA
Bygone army fare, and a way to describe the starred answers CRATIONS
Campaign worker AIDE
Caught, as a calf LASSOED
Comfy shoe, briefly MOC
Contemplate EYE
Defeated BEATEN
Downsize, as an enlargement RESCALE
Draft card org SSS
Drink with crumpets TEA
Drunken sound HIC
Elephant befriended by Timothy Q. Mouse DUMBO
Fills with crayons COLORSIN
Fire with enthusiasm MOTIVATE
First murder victim ABEL
Heel CAD
Highlands denial NAE
Clues Answers
Horace collection ODES
Howard in Hollywood RON
Impressionist Claude MONET
Kimono closer OBI
Kit ___ (candy bar) KAT
Like some washers COINOP
Mag. staffers EDS
Male delivery SON
Many a time OFT
Marshy area BOG
Nocturnal hunter OWL
Nonmember of a group OUTSIDER
Not right OFF
October 1929 event CRASH
One who drives many others home RBIMAN
Paradise in ‘On the Road’ SAL
Pet shop supply CAGES
Prison-related PENAL
React to a tearjerker CHOKEUP
Rushed HIED
Shoe ender TOE
Shopper’s destination MALL
Shopping barefoot, perhaps ONLINE
Slurpee alternative ICEE
Sports WEARS
Sundial figure VII
Tests the weight of HEFTS
The Indians, on scoreboards CLE
Title for Nanki-Poo’s father MIKADO
Tony Blair’s party LABOUR
Univ. or coll SCH
Vaccine type ORAL
Web-footed mammals OTTERS
Widespread destruction HAVOC
Zealous KEEN
___-di-dah LAH

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