Wall Street Journal – Mar 14 2018 – Missing Persons

Clues Answers
‘Don’t worry about it!’ NOSWEAT
‘Early Start’ network CNN
‘Immediately, dude!’ LIKENOW
‘Later!’ SEEYA
‘Patience ___ virtue’ ISA
‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ heroine REY
‘The Americans’ org KGB
‘Yowzers!’ in texts OMG
*2000 megahit by Baha Men LETTHEDOGSOUT
*Motivational bestseller published in 1998 MOVEDMYCHEESE
*Sentry’s query GOESTHERE
*TV cliffhanger of 1980 SHOTJR
Acronym for the four major show biz awards EGOT
Afternoon, for many tots NAPTIME
Alley denizen STRAYCAT
Aloof sort COLDFISH
Annually AYEAR
Apt to run YELLOW
Army animals? OCTOPI
Back muscle, for short LAT
Be decisive ACT
Big maker of ATMs and bar code scanners NCR
Black-and-white alert, for short APB
Bobble the ball ERR
Break down gradually ERODE
Brit. money STG
Buttercup family flower ANEMONE
Campaign manager ADREP
Carry on WAGE
Colleague of Trinity and Morpheus NEO
Come before ANTEDATE
Copacabana Beach location RIO
Crash investigator TECHIE
Dive with a back somersault GAINER
Doctor’s suggestion REST
Early Briton CELT
Estimate’s end ORSO
European microstate ANDORRA
Clues Answers
Fall mo SEP
Friend’s pronoun THEE
Halloween decoration WEB
Included in the email chain CCED
Individually EACH
Instrument panel sight DIAL
It’s all ears CORN
Leave alone at the altar JILT
Like a maillot ONEPIECE
Many a bookstore shopper PERUSER
Mary of Peter, Paul and Mary TRAVERS
Movie FX CGI
N.T. book EPH
Neither partner NOR
Never ever NOTONCE
Person working with a seal NOTARY
Place SITE
Pro giving exams to pupils? OCULIST
Rock opera pioneers, and what’s missing from the starred answers THEWHO
Salt Lake City athlete UTE
Sandy sound ARF
Slightly ATAD
Some MIT grads EES
Some young companions BOYTOYS
Spot for a street performer’s tips, often HAT
Sweet murmur COO
Syrupy sentiment GOO
Take for every penny BLEEDDRY
This miss HER
Trendily self-referential META
Trucker’s ‘good buddy’ CBER
Two-tone sandwich OREO
U.K. military decoration DSO
Unappealing breakfasts GRUELS
Universal donor’s type, for short ONEG
Unnamed degree NTH
You might browse a lot of them USEDCARS

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