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Wall Street Journal – Mar 15 2018 – Beware!

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Clues Answers
‘Scram!’ BEATIT
‘Straight Up’ singer PAULAABDUL
‘Toodles!’ BYE
2012 Tony winner for Best Musical ONCE
Aquafina rival DASANI
Attendance call HERE
British crown colony until 1963 ADEN
Cacao container POD
Caesar on TV SID
Candidate to replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty HARRIETTUBMAN
Chief MAIN
Clause negator NOR
Clytemnestra’s mother LEDA
Coin bearing a portrait of Juan Carlos I PESETA
Country music’s Travis TRITT
Days of the week, e.g SEPTET
Different ELSE
Drinking spree TOOT
Drops in the meadow DEW
Duma denials NYETS
Earmarks ALLOTS
Edible algae called aosa nori in Japanese cooking SEALETTUCE
Escape routes, at times SECRETTUNNELS
Flash intermittently STROBE
Gets the wrong party, perhaps MISDIALS
Glossary entry TERM
Green features HOLES
Happened as foretold CAMETRUE
High-maintenance NEEDY
Hoof sound CLOP
Its Macao hotel has 4,001 guest rooms and suites SHERATON
Keeps busy TIESUP
Like 2017 but not 2018 PRIME
Litter containers STIES
Lt.’s subordinate ENS
Masse de terre dans la mer ILE
Clues Answers
Miniature mount PONY
Not natural DYED
Ocean sound ROAR
Planting place BED
Prefix akin to equi- ISO
Princess Charlotte’s grandaunt ANNE
Quite smart CHIC
Ribs connectors STERNUMS
Roy Rogers part COLA
Shares an edge with ABUTS
Should that be the case IFSO
Sidewalk square SLAB
Six-time role for Myrna NORA
Some are sprayed on TANS
Something at the end of the line LURE
Specter WRAITH
Sped (along) BARRELED
Stimulates WHETS
Stir-fry staple TOFU
Stylist’s creation COIF
Suspension ABEYANCE
Takes responsibility with regard to ANSWERSFOR
Texting while driving, e.g NONO
The winks, in tiddlywinks DISCS
They deal with decks TARS
Ticked off SORE
Time to beware IDES
Unimportant person NOBODY
Utah Valley University setting OREM
Utterly unpleasant HORRID
Value system CODE
Very much alive INIT
With tenderness, in music AFFETTUOSO
Words of disbelief found in the four longest Across entries ETTU
Worker’s reward BONUS
Your pick of ANY