Wall Street Journal – Mar 17 2018 – Little Green Men

Clues Answers
‘Around the Horn’ network ESPN
‘Delta Dawn’ singer Tucker TANYA
‘Imagine that!’ ILLBE
‘O, I am fortune’s fool!’ speaker ROMEO
‘Old Blood and Guts,’ before his growth spurt? SHORTPATTON
‘The Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow’ him JONAH
100-year-old architect PEI
2013 Joaquin Phoenix film HER
Airport areas GATES
All the rage HOT
Auction buy LOT
Back muscle, briefly LAT
Badgers NAGS
Bee follower CEE
Beehive State athlete UTE
Bete ___ NOIRE
Bleeped word OATH
Bolivian bud AMIGO
Break in the action LULL
Brew, in a way PERCOLATE
Bridal destination ALTAR
Burgers served in the dining car? RAILROADPATTIES
Call center staff AGENTS
Camera type, initially SLR
Charlemagne’s realm: Abbr HRE
Check the price of, in a way SCAN
Chuck, e.g MEAT
Clarifying words IMEAN
Classic Chevy VETTE
Colombian cowboy LLANERO
Colonel Sanders feature GOATEE
Compacted mass CLUMP
Composed SERENE
Conclusion lead-in ERGO
Copland ballet RODEO
Court sport HOOPS
Curving path ARC
Deceptive appearances FACADES
Deep gully ARROYO
Dewy quality WETNESS
Discoverers’ cries OHOS
Donald’s veep MIKE
Dudley often rescued her from Snidely NELL
Easing of tensions DETENTE
Expert with IRS rules CPA
Fantasy flyer ROC
Far from demure BRASSY
Fetch at auction BRING
Figure of speech TROPE
Fit to serve ONEA
Flight board posting, briefly ETD
Forwards, say RESENDS
Freeloader SPONGER
Furious feeling IRE
Futuristic Capek play RUR
Gambler’s strategy SYSTEM
Geneticist Mendel GREGOR
Get a pool workout DOLAPS
Grand Tour setting EUROPE
Grilled sandwich PANINI
Handsome hunks APOLLOS
Hatching spot NEST
Clues Answers
He has pipes and horns PAN
Hi-fi platters LPS
Historian’s focus ERA
Homer’s neighbor NED
Illusory oasis, e.g MIRAGE
Imminent danger PERIL
Insect in a column ARMYANT
Iron production STEAM
It comes with a Magic Mouse IMAC
It’s on the school board CHALK
Japan’s prime minister ABE
Language in which ‘success’ is ‘Qapla” KLINGON
Languish SITIDLE
Long times EONS
Made a case PLED
Man o’ War, to War Admiral SIRE
March 17 honoree, as well as this puzzle’s honoree STPAT
Mascara target LASHES
Model of polar weather? ARCTICPATTERN
Monopoly deed number RENT
More frilly LACIER
New grandparent, often DOTER
No longer in active serv RET
Northern neighbor of Mich ONT
Odometer increment TENTH
Opener of an inventor’s documentation lockbox? PATENTERKEY
Outlaw BAN
Paid for a hand ANTED
Part of QED ERAT
Pertness LIP
Pipe part STEM
Pledge drive prize TOTE
Polite denial NOSIR
Pre-Pythagorean belief FLATEARTH
Prettify ADORN
Put a spot on, say LIT
Regretted thirds, perhaps OVERATE
Roe source SHAD
Savory pastry SAMOSA
Scheming ARTFUL
Singer Ora RITA
Sometime in the past ONCE
Spirited horses STEEDS
Stadium guards in Foxborough? PATRIOTPOLICE
Starter follower ENTREE
Stoner beat cop? HIGHPATROLLER
Stratoliner flyer, in the past TWA
Sullen POUTY
Supporters’ calls AYES
Swimmer Kristin who won six gold medals in the Seoul Olympics OTTO
Tart fruits SLOES
Tense time for an astronaut REENTRY
Text enhancements EMOJIS
They never pass the bar SOTS
Thoroughly INDETAIL
Toyota sedans AVALONS
Undeserved accusations BADRAPS
Unmatched ODD
Vegetable garden in Savannah? GEORGIAPEAPATCH
Vote predictor POLL
War room aids MAPS
Washington-to-Boston speedster ACELA
Waxes eloquent ORATES
Went fast TORE
Zero longitude standard: Abbr GMT
___ Park, New Jersey MENLO

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