Wall Street Journal – Mar 2 2018

Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 2 2018

Clues Answers
___ Domani (wine brand) ECCO
___ Paul’s (frozen seafood brand) MRS
___ XII (pope from 1939 to 1958) PIUS
___-picking NIT
“Cut that out!” STOP
“Hamilton” role BURR
“Let me emphasize this…” I REPEAT
“Thanks Captain Obvious!” NODUH
“The Hurt Locker” beat it for Best Picture AVATAR
“The Way You Look Tonight” composer KERN
1984 “Weird Al” Yankovic parody with the line “Art Fleming gave the answers” ILOSTONJEOPARDY
463 years ago MDLV
Atmosphere AURA
Ball brand since 1970 NERF
Beer ___ (tavern pontificator) SNOB
Bob of links fame EVANS
Body pt. often torn by athletes ACL
California city where TV’s “Bionic Woman” grew up OJAI
Caramel candy bar TWIX
Cast words SPELL
Chest items TOYS
Complete OVER
Conceal in the hand PALM
Considered burgling CASED
Eric Clapton hit LAYLA
Eye part IRIS
Eyes in Ecuador OJOS
Famed fiddlers CAJUNS
Filing mo. APR
Film category WAR
Foyt and Jacobs for two AJS
From Spain to Italy say EAST
Give a second try REDO
Got people laughing MADEJOKES
Grading tool REDPEN
Hamster’s snack PELLET
Hard to capture EELY
Impudent SAUCY
Info for an airport pickup ETA
Israel’s PM in headlines BIBI
Keeps from happening AVERTS
King or queen e.g. RULER
Knight of Nike PHIL
Layer PLY
Liberal follower? ARTS
Mark’s replacement EURO
Men’s clothing accessory TIECLIP
Multitasking reporter VIDEO JOURNALIST
Negligent REMISS
Once called NEE
Parts of hearts ATRIA
Party drink TEA
Pest control device RATTRAP
Pierce STAB
Plus TOO
Raisin cousin CURRANT
Resting place BED
Seamster Strauss LEVI
Serving Murray ANDY
Shakespeare title role LEAR
Sitcom set in an OB/GYN practice THEMINDYPROJECT
Slick liquid OIL
Son in Spain HIJO
Stick in a hall CUE
They may include emojis TEXTS
To be to 5-Down ETRE
Trendy drink ingredient ALOEJUICE
Two-star event NOVA
Villainous EVIL
Voiced ORAL
Wacky Aykroyd DAN
Warmblooded killer ORCA
Weaken ERODE
Wildly enthused RAHRAH
Without a charge FREE

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