Wall Street Journal – Mar 20 2018 – Around the World

Clues Answers
‘Absolutely!’ YES
‘Arrival’ star AMYADAMS
‘Automatic for the People’ band REM
‘Bringing Up Baby’ studio RKO
‘Toy Story’ dinosaur REX
*Androgynous 1980s pop star BOYGEORGE
*Capitalist class, in Marxism BOURGEOISIE
*Iconic econobox car of the 1980s DODGEOMNI
*Phenomenon bemoaned by the nostalgic PASSAGEOFTIME
Added, in ads XTRA
Arthur with two Emmys BEA
Bankrupt RUIN
Bistro or brasserie EATERY
Black Sea port ODESSA
Bomb squad device ROBOT
Bungler’s utterance OOPS
Captivated HOOKED
Carpenter or soldier, e.g ANT
Chai spice CARDAMOM
Clipping caller REF
Compulsive collector HOARDER
Containers for powder or porter KEGS
Corn syrup brand KARO
Couple DUO
Daringly innovative EDGY
Decimal base TEN
Dict. with over 600,000 words OED
Dozen for Hercules LABORS
Dreaded collectors TAXMEN
Earthling’s bias, and a feature of the starred answers GEOCENTRISM
Fearsome czar IVAN
For face value, as bonds ATPAR
Gitmo prisoner, e.g INTERNEE
Groom’s garb TUX
Have a title to OWN
Head of France? TETE
Home to the humerus ARM
HomePod assistant SIRI
Informal denial NAH
Clues Answers
Juicer’s juice STEROID
Keypad key ENTER
King Abdullah II’s capital AMMAN
Maker of Pro 7000 electric toothbrushes ORALB
Mishmash OLIO
Momentary slip LAPSE
Mushroom part CAP
Musician’s entourage POSSE
Not just scrap REUSE
Notebook brand once made by Sony VAIO
Open acknowledgment AVOWAL
Opposite of trans CIS
Org. for Phil Mickelson PGA
Ostrogoth’s enemy HUN
Party to INON
Pound sound GRR
Prepared the way for LEDUPTO
Present GIFT
Rd. with a number RTE
Reactive earth metal BARIUM
Respectful address SIR
Ring for the righteous HALO
Setting for some Cezannes PROVENCE
Shaggy ox YAK
Shaggy-maned antelope GNU
Shapiro of NPR ARI
Sidestep AVOID
Silent Sunday Nights channel TCM
Spot for a stud EAR
Spring forward POUNCE
Triangle in a pool hall RACK
Undercover activity? SLEEP
Video store heading FOREIGN
Wherewithal ABILITY
White House address ender GOV
Words with huff or heartbeat INA
Zilch NADA

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