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Wall Street Journal – Mar 22 2018 – Go the Distance

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Clues Answers
‘By Jove!’ ISAY
‘Can’t beat that price!’ ITSASTEAL
‘Nothing ___ here…’ TOSEE
‘Sorry about that’ PARDONME
‘Sweet Talkin’ Woman’ band ELO
*Deadpan comic duo of radio and TV BOBANDRAY
*Ear thermometer reading CORETEMPERATURE
*Overdid it WENTTOOFAR
*Test constraint TIMELIMIT
1993 Super Bowl MVP AIKMAN
Alka-Seltzer maker BAYER
Angle BIAS
Annoying sorts TOOLS
Assembly of stars DREAMTEAM
Award for scoring, e.g OSCAR
Beat, but barely NOSED
Big body OCEAN
Bridge engineer’s calculation LOAD
Bygone boomers SSTS
Caught, as calves ROPED
Class for coasters EASYA
Cone counterpart ROD
Conflicted TORN
Copy clumsily APE
Crush the final ACEIT
Dark 17-Across NOIR
Diamond shape RHOMB
Disdainful display SNEER
Each of this puzzle’s hidden words, e.g UNIT
Extinct ostrichlike bird MOA
Extra, in ads ADDL
Film in which LeVar Burton played Martin Luther King Jr ALI
Follower of diciembre ENERO
Gawk at OGLE
Hardly Mensa material IGNORAMUS
Harsh cries YAWPS
Heading for space? AERO
Clues Answers
How some study ABROAD
Lots and lots ATON
Makeup initials DNA
Many a gallery owner ARTDEALER
Map square ACRE
Meets expectations, and a hint to words hidden in the starred answers MEASURESUP
Minute marcher ANT
Monteverdi masterwork ORFEO
Name on a historic B-29 ENOLA
Networking giant CISCO
Nivea competitor OLAY
No friend FOE
One for all, e.g TIE
Orphan boy of old comics DONDI
Part of a gym routine SET
Party pro POLITICO
Phone bill section FEES
Poses in studios YOGA
Prime minister from the Jiyu Minshuto party ABE
Priscilla Mullins’s married name ALDEN
Ryan’s ‘La La Land’ co-star EMMA
Sachet’s output AROMA
Satire or cyberpunk GENRE
Seller of the sporty NSX ACURA
Shell mover OAR
Spring BOUND
Star vehicles LIMOS
Taiwanese PC brand ACER
They’re available in Pro and Mini versions IPADS
Toady’s specialty SMARM
Trouble ADO
Undertaking for an intern TASK
University city of Sweden LUND
Wahoo, for one ELM
Wash. neighbor IDA
Wine, in combinations OENO