Wall Street Journal – Mar 27 2018 – Full House

Clues Answers
‘Ah, got it’ ISEE
‘Don’t misunderstand…’ MINDYOU
‘Westworld’ network HBO
*Deluxe armchair feature LEGREST
*Family night option BOARDGAME
*Midday company LUNCHGUEST
*Window-shopping spot STOREFRONT
Academic inst SCH
Air freshener brand GLADE
Ancient Nile region NUBIA
Angled annexes ELLS
Antlered animal STAG
Beef variety ANGUS
Braxton of pop TONI
Brit’s TV viewing CHATSHOW
Broccoli bit FLORET
Cabinet wood OAK
Clip art? TOPIARY
Craft brew ALE
Cutting comments BARBS
Dark ___ (hackers’ hangout) WEB
Delights ELATES
Dim memory BLUR
Dinghy mover OAR
Dish designer CHEF
Early software version BETA
Earth neighbor MARS
Encourage STOKE
Epitome of industry ANT
Extra charge FEE
Fall bloomer ASTER
Fat cats NABOBS
Freaky sign OMEN
Ghana’s capital ACCRA
Glass sheets PANES
Government rule, for short REG
Greatly impressed AWED
Happy ___ be ASCAN
Clues Answers
Heaps for burning PYRES
High singer SOPRANO
Hourly rate WAGE
Inexact fig EST
Joined the steeplechase RODE
Key in the upper left ESC
Kin of aves STS
Least diffident SUREST
Like many apses VAULTED
May and Trudeau, for two: Abbr PMS
Monopolize HOG
Most intrepid BOLDEST
Not survivable FATAL
Pres. with three VPs FDR
Presidents Day mo FEB
Purchased from Amazon, say ORDERED
Raises REARS
Reservoir creator DAM
Result in LEADTO
Scratch (out) EKE
Secret meetings TRYSTS
Setting on Spinal Tap’s amps ELEVEN
Slightly ATAD
Some college buddies, or both halves of each starred answer ROOMMATES
Southeast Asian people LAO
Stacked cookie OREO
Sun Bowl setting ELPASO
Sushi accompaniment GREENTEA
Takes illegally USURPS
Tattoo setting SKIN
Texans’ org NFL
They’re crowded in cabins SEATS
Time out? SLEEP
Verb on Monopoly’s GO space COLLECT
Walk through water WADE
What you come to when you come to SENSES
With zero chance, informally NOHOW
Witherspoon of ‘Big Little Lies’ REESE

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