Wall Street Journal – Mar 28 2018 – Meet the Dogs

Clues Answers
‘Come on in!’ ITSOPEN
‘Everything’s fine!’ IMOK
‘SOS’ group ABBA
Applies, as antiperspirant ROLLSON
Automated systems BOTS
Blue-ribbon AONE
Bring up REAR
Brings down REDUCES
Caused concern for ATEAT
Chilling sound? BRR
City of northern Honshu AKITA
Dealer’s unit KILO
Dev of ‘Lion’ PATEL
Dispatched SENTFORTH
Ditch RUT
Extensions ANNEXES
Figurehead’s position PROW
Follower of Dionysus SATYR
Frat address BRO
Frat vowels ETAS
Fruity refreshments ADES
Gofer, often RETRIEVER
Gravelly HUSKY
Head writer for ‘Eureeka’s Castle’ RLSTINE
Her favorite color is sort of greenish, but with more dimensions SIRI
Hot stone massage setting SPA
It propels itself with body waves EEL
Junk, e.g SHIP
Kate and Jaclyn’s co-star on ‘Charlie’s Angels’ FARRAH
Krakow coins ZLOTYS
Letter-shaped fastener UBOLT
Lightly char SEAR
Like a famed film falcon MALTESE
Link on many a corporate home page ABOUTUS
Locket shape OVAL
Clues Answers
Lonely place, so they say THETOP
Mullah’s moolah RIAL
Nile biters ASPS
Oakland location EASTBAY
Odorless gas NEON
Ore.’s highest peak MTHOOD
Papal vestments worn over albs ORALES
Prepared for a drive TEED
Rap sheet abbr AKA
Rapidly rotate SPIN
Rapidly rotating AWHIRL
Rapper whose #1 hit ‘Timber’ featured Ke$ha PITBULL
RB’s stat YDS
Rhyme scheme for a villanelle’s final quatrain ABAA
Ring master BOXER
Salsa alternative CHEESEDIP
Savory jelly ASPIC
See 53-Down BREEDS
Sixth col., often FRI
Small initial advantage TOEHOLD
Some sweaters VNECKS
Spotted SEEN
Swimmer who won seven gold medals in Munich SPITZ
Take off REMOVE
Tropics tree PALM
Uncontaminated STERILE
Unit of force DYNE
Volleyball position SETTER
When Velcro, the Frisbee and Tupperware were invented FORTIES
Wide awake ALERT
Wide receiver Rogers ELI
With 57-Across, what you must do four times to solve this puzzle CROSS
Yellow No. 5 or Red No. 40 FOODDYE
___ favor POR
___ May Clampett ELLY

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