Wall Street Journal – Mar 29 2018 – Body Builders

Clues Answers
‘An Unkindness of Ravens’ author RENDELL
‘Hamilton’ won one in 2015 OBIE
‘I think we should say no’ LETSNOT
‘Scram, varmint!’ GIT
A month of Sundays AGES
Album on whose cover Madonna’s features were appropriately blue EROTICA
Bearish SURLY
Big name in small trucks TONKA
Bloody action movie star? VEINDIESEL
Book with a single chapter OBADIAH
Boolean operator AND
Cannoli contents RICOTTA
Carrier with the EuroBonus frequent flyer program SAS
Castle stronghold KEEP
Cloverleaf feature OVERPASS
Crater feature RIM
Creature sacred to Thoth IBIS
Crush the midterm ACEIT
Drag, say RACE
Duke, so to speak FIST
Elite squad ATEAM
Expresses disapproval TUTTUTS
Fidelity offering IRA
Field marshals REFS
Food sticker FORK
Game akin to monte bank FARO
Geraint’s wife ENID
Handy blaxploitation movie star? PALMGRIER
Hardly reputable SEAMY
Holey gizmo RICER
Home of college football’s Cyclones AMES
House neighbor SENATE
Hurler Hershiser OREL
Jazz trumpeter with pronounced pecs? CHESTBAKER
Clues Answers
Jo Nesbo’s birthplace OSLO
Jumble HASH
Left on an ocean voyage PORT
Leggy baseball slugger? SHANKAARON
Leggy losing candidate of 1936? CALFLANDON
Library fixture CARREL
Like Jane Eyre and Princess Leia ADOPTED
Like some kitchens EATIN
Litter bearer SOW
Lives off the land, in a way FORAGES
Long ago YORE
Mauna ___ KEA
Middle name in the National Inventors Hall of Fame ALVA
Military noble SAMURAI
Monopoly token replaced with the cat in 2013 IRON
Octal base EIGHT
On vacation AWAY
Penn and others IVIES
Pros with prose EDITORS
Reminiscent of earlier times RETRO
Shining example IDEAL
Showgirl of song LOLA
Snaky swimmers EELS
Source of wise counsel ORACLE
Suspended state ABEYANCE
Title knight of literature IVANHOE
To a degree INPART
Tombstone word BORN
Tree-ringed tract GLADE
Ultimately cost RANTO
Up to, for short TIL
Vitamin fig RDA
Where Ben Bernanke got his Ph.D MIT
Whipped up MADE
Writer Rand AYN

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