Wall Street Journal – Mar 3 2018

Wall Street Journal – Mar 3 2018 – Double Negatives

Clues Answers
‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales’ poet THOMAS
‘Ain’t We ___’ GOTFUN
‘Butt out’ MYOB
‘Dig in!’ EAT
‘I just went’ YOURMOVE
‘I wish’ HOPESO
‘Incidentally,’ online BTW
‘Jeez!’ AWCMON
‘My expectation is…’ IASSUME
AAA service TOW
Ancient Scot PICT
Apple Watch backup location ICLOUD
Apportion DOLEOUT
Artist Chagall MARC
At an end OVER
Aussie bouncer ROO
Be affected by gravity SAG
Bowler’s place HEAD
Bradbury’s ‘___ for Rocket’ RIS
Brand of many kids’ kits LEGO
British singer Rita ORA
Bruins great ORR
Cappella Sistina honoree DIO
Castle fortification IRONGATE
Chicken parts THIGHS
Circulation problem CLOT
City of East Anglia NORWICH
Classical beginning NEO
Company that used to have a trademark on ‘heroin’ BAYER
Country south of Martinique STLUCIA
Craggy peak TOR
Crown makers DENTISTS
D.C.-area airport BWI
Defense agcy. that launched the Cyber Grand Challenge DARPA
Disco flashers STROBES
Dragged through the mud DEFAMED
Eight, to Augustus OCTO
End for legal or journal ESE
Ent description TREELIKE
Entangle EMBROIL
Exclusive ONLY
For whose sake? PETES
Frontiersman Boone, familiarly DANL
Frosh, in a couple of semesters SOPH
German bacteriologist Julius PETRI
Giant syllable FUM
Gollum’s creation, for short CGI
GPS direction ENE
Guard stats ASSISTS
Gut reaction? OOF
Homophonic high jinks PUNS
How chicken a la king is often served ONRICE
Humble ABASE
Insincerely ingratiated oneself (to) SIDLEDUP
Insurance giant AETNA
IRT stops STNS
Isolate ENISLE
Key component EBONY
Least apt to appear in the Michelin Guide SEEDIEST
Lose a lap STAND
Make ___ for it ARUN
Many moons EONS
Material for multicolored shirts MADRAS
Matriculated student ENROLLEE
Metaphor, e.g TROPE
Mini mount PONY
Clues Answers
Mom-and-pop orgs PTAS
Montevideo Mrs SRA
Muscle-related: Prefix MYO
Nat. east of 7-Down RUS
Nat. west of 84-Across UKR
Nearly all MOST
Nervous laugh TITTER
Not apt not to have many years to live? LONGFORTHISWORLD
Not having no value? WORTHADARN
Not not bad? TOOSHABBY
Not not near this neighborhood? INMYBACKYARD
Not not particularly attractive? MUCHTOLOOKAT
Not someone who isn’t enjoying himself? AHAPPYCAMPER
Not someone who isn’t very smart? THEBRIGHTESTBULB
Not something that’s not new to me? MYFIRSTRODEO
Not what I don’t prefer? MYCUPOFTEA
Novelist Weldon FAY
Ocean growths SEAWEEDS
Of sons and daughters FILIAL
Offer from a shy person? IOU
Online poster’s qualifier IMO
Out of control AMOK
Out of the wings, perhaps ONSTAGE
Particles with mass about 200 times that of electrons MUONS
Patient’s complaint ITHURTS
Philadelphia founder PENN
Photo finishes MATTES
Piece of cake CINCH
Place for pickup b-ball, for some YMCA
Political convention voting convention UNITRULE
Praise effusively GUSH
Proficient ABLE
Profitable discovery PAYDIRT
Proverb preposition UNTO
Quantum physics pioneer BOHR
Related AKIN
River of Hades LETHE
Room at the top ATTIC
Sacellum Sixtinum honoree DEUS
See 95-Down TATERS
Senatorial stretch TERM
Sheepish OVINE
Sleeper, for one CAR
Some 96-Down IDAHOS
Sorority letter PHI
Sounds of pounds ARFS
Staves (off) FENDS
Story line ARC
Stud setting EAR
Style MODE
Subordinate to Claus ELF
Superman sports one SPITCURL
Sydney who studied the stars OMARR
Takes a shot ATTEMPTS
Televangelist Joel OSTEEN
Think highly of ADMIRE
Took a walk in the park STROLLED
Was consequential MATTERED
Was preliminary (to) LEDUP
Wasn’t in the game SAT
Water carrier PIPE
What’s left REST
Woody’s kid ARLO
Word in le dictionnaire MOT
Words after ‘Somebody,’ ‘Goodbye,’ ‘Easy’ and ‘Addicted’ in song titles TOLOVE
Yonder group THEM
___ Paulo SAO

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