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Wall Street Journal – Mar 31 2018 – Way to Go!

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Clues Answers
‘Ask away’ SHOOT
‘How awful!’ OHNO
‘Nighthawks’ painter HOPPER
Air condition? CLEAR
Airy dessert MOUSSE
Attackers in a ‘Star Wars’ prequel CLONES
Author Cynthia OZICK
Baconator seller WENDYS
Benedictine monk’s title DOM
Bills of fare CARTES
Blotchy PIED
Boatloads ALOT
Britain’s second Astronomer Royal HALLEY
Brush alternative ROLLER
Calendar pages MONTHS
Canine Good Citizen org AKC
Capital on the Red River HANOI
Cargo unit NETTON
Change course suddenly ZAG
Cleanup position? MAID
Compass dir ENE
Con quest ESCAPE
Contemptible fellow CUR
Crime scene evidence, often DNA
Cruise ship during spring break? PARTYLINER
Decathlete’s need DISCUS
Decidedly odd WARPED
Derisive reactions SNEERS
Destroyer, in naval slang TINCAN
Eggy drink NOG
Electrical problem SHORT
Email header info SENDER
Enchantress on Aeaea CIRCE
Engross GRIP
Estevez of ‘The Breakfast Club’ EMILIO
Express sorrow SOB
Feel a desire for FANCY
Female fawn DOE
Flaring stars NOVAS
For fear that LEST
Fragrant ring LEI
Friskies fans CATS
Gallery offering ART
Get around PASS
Gin-and-lime-juice cocktail GIMLET
Gomez’s hirsute relative ITT
Groups of three working together TROIKAS
Handling the situation ONIT
Harley for the honcho? BUSINESSCYCLE
Having seniority OLDER
Hazel, for some EYECOLOR
Helicopter made of hickory? WOODCHOPPER
Holed up HID
Horse-drawn carriage oscillating in motion? PITCHINGCOACH
Houseplant spot SILL
Humanitarian offering AID
Ignored the limit SPED
Japanese symbol RISINGSUN
Jet while it’s banking? INCLINEDPLANE
John Deere offerings BALERS
Just mornings, say PARTTIME
Kazan of ‘My Favorite Year’ LAINIE
Labor result BIRTH
Lacking SANS
Libidinous god EROS
Like Prometheus CHAINED
Load-bearing item? HAMPER
Lost momentum SLOWED
Clues Answers
Merger of a sort WEDDING
Miami paper HERALD
Mill meal GRIST
Mine haul ORE
Minute WEE
Movimiento 26 de Julio leader CASTRO
Needs a massage ACHES
Neither partner NOR
News brief UPDATE
Noggin BEAN
North Carolinian TARHEEL
Notion IDEA
One might have a big head ALE
Otherwise ELSE
Paper piece ARTICLE
Paper pieces OPEDS
Patrol boat towed by a thick rope? CABLECUTTER
Physics stuff MATTER
Piggy bank insert CENT
Platitudinous TRITE
Pocket fuzz LINT
Police commissioner of comics GORDON
Post-trip assurance IMOKAY
Precious to excess TWEE
Protect from polio VACCINATE
Puck’s king OBERON
Punch ingredient? FIST
Radiator attachment HOSE
Roast head EMCEE
Sailing ship offering discounts on fares? COUPONCLIPPER
Samuel with a J.D. from Yale Law ALITO
Self-referential META
Server, gender-neutrally WAITRON
Slip settings PIERS
Sloth, e.g SIN
Small interior lobe of the cerebral cortex INSULA
Smutty stuff FILTH
Some are snowy EGRETS
Some toothpastes GELS
Southwestern spread RANCHO
Spa cover ROBE
Star fish? PISCES
Starting site EDEN
Stubble setting CHIN
Studies secondarily MINORSIN
Subway equipped with bathrooms? POTTYTRAIN
Sudden enlightenment SATORI
Sustains FUELS
Swift Australian EMU
They often involve door-slamming FARCES
Took the wheel STEERED
Top suit CEO
Torah lang HEB
Turf Builder maker SCOTTS
TV co-star of Mariska Hargitay ICET
Unappealing bowlful GLOP
Unfinished novel by D.H. Lawrence MRNOON
Vandalize, in a way DEFACE
Viscount’s superior EARL
Wet wipes ingredient ALOE
White House nickname of the 1920s CAL
Winner of four Indianapolis 500s FOYT
Words of denial NOTI
Zimbabwe’s capital HARARE
__ out a living EKE