Wall Street Journal – Mar 31 2022 – “Surf’s Up!” Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Everybody Hurts” band REM
“Today” news anchor Craig MELVIN
“You beat me” ILOSE
“___, c’est moi” (purported Louis XIV quote) LETAT
2016 film about the theft of Empire plans ROGUEONE
A dict. has a lot of them PGS
Ace of aces? NISPRO
Amorphous shape BLOB
Arboreal reptile IGUANA
Be a burden IMPOSE
Behave like a Visigoth PILLAGE
Bestselling K-pop group BTS
Botanical feelers DRILS
Cheer up HEAR
Choir platform RISER
City division WARD
Classic dress style ALINE
Connive with ABET
Cook’s hammer DERIZER
Copied APED
Deputy AIDE
Drag through the mud SMEAR
Early Mesoamerican OLMEC
Fla.’s “Sunshine City” STPETE
Gadget used with lemons ZESTER
Gangster’s gun GAT
Got down ALIT
Gothic cathedral feature ARCH
Graceful deer ROES
Grams NANA
Grand tour setting EUROPE
Half of sechs DREI
Hard gray metal TUNGS
Herb with a horn ALPERT
Host of Food Network’s “Barefoot Contessa” INAGAR
Inner: Prefix ENTO
It ends with a dunk ALLEYOOP
It may be caught by a filter SPAM
It surrounds la Città del Vaticano ROMA
Itinerant sort NOMAD
Justice Dept. figure ATTY
Lang. of 55-Down ITAL
Letters of urgency ASAP
Like many philosophical questions DEEP
Like some walls PAPERED
Major health insurance company AETNA
Make the rounds? DBAR
Method: Abbr SYS
Morsel a horse’ll eat OAT
NAACP co-founder Wells IDA
Not permitted VERBO
Novak Djokovic, for one SERB
Powder holders KEGS
QuietComfort headphones maker BOSE
Rapper Kool ___ Dee MOE
Rely on LOOKTO
Reputations IMAGES
Ring org WBA
River on Germany’s eastern border ODER
Significant stretches ERAS
Simple pond plant ALGA
Skye of “Gas Food Lodging” IONE
Some John Deere machines BALERS
Striped antelope KUDU
Surf, in a way, and an appropriate title for this puzzle HANGTEN
Syndicate head MRBIG
They’re driven by campers TPEGS
Twisty letter ESS
Warmer, when playing NEARERTO
Waterproof jacket ANORAK
Way up STAIR
Wee bit DRIB
Wolverine’s relative PINEMAR
Yeoman’s “yes” AYE

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