Wall Street Journal – Mar 6 2018 – Dropping the Ball

Clues Answers
‘Jeopardy!’ fodder FACTS
‘Mandy’ singer MANILOW
‘___ been swell!’ ITS
‘___ Men’ (‘Kiss Me, Kate’ song) IHATE
*Passes made in desperation HAILMARYS
*They may follow alley-oop passes SLAMDUNKS
*They may lead to header goals CORNERKICKS
*They’re made in an attempt at a base hit DRAGBUNTS
Admission ticket, in slang DUCAT
Atlas expanses OCEANS
Auction action BID
Bellow from a bovine MOO
Binary digit ONE
Border ABUT
Bout stopper, for short TKO
Bruce of ‘Enter the Dragon’ LEE
Carrot cousins PARSNIPS
Catalog found in cabins SKYMALL
Clairvoyant SEER
Comic cries YEOWS
De-emphasizes, and a hint to the starred answers DOWNPLAYS
Declares untrue DENIES
Dit’s counterpart, in Morse code DAH
Enjoy an evening at home STAYIN
Eye opener? PUPIL
Fountain order SODA
Freedom, in Swahili UHURU
Golden Rule preposition UNTO
Golf’s Ernie ELS
Good name for a Dalmatian SPOT
Ground cover SOD
Harden SET
Hideout LAIR
In perpetuity EVER
In the center of AMIDST
Lincoln rival CADILLAC
Makes level EVENS
Meadow LEA
Misbehaving BAD
Clues Answers
Muhammad Ali’s boxing daughter LAILA
Muscularly fit TONED
Must repay OWETO
Not neg POS
Nutritional fig RDA
Old White House nickname ABE
Old White House nickname IKE
Ordered (around) BOSSED
Paperless exams ORALS
Part of a Mr. Potato Head kit EARS
Peg for Jordan Spieth TEE
Petty complaint NIT
Plumbing problem LEAK
Preschooler TOT
Rampaging AMOK
Ridge that may bump boat bottoms SANDBAR
Salon creation COIF
Seething ABOIL
Sends an invitation for ASKSTO
Smitten INLOVE
Start for cycle TRI
Street on the ski slopes PICABO
Sunday brunch cocktail MIMOSA
Swellhead’s trait EGOTISM
Teriyaki sauce ingredient SOY
Title for Pierre Perignon DOM
Toss in ADD
Trouble for tomb raiders CURSE
Tulsa sch. named for a televangelist ORU
Use the tub BATHE
Water, in France EAU
Well-founded, as an argument SOLID
Windows predecessor MSDOS
Woodland walker HIKER
Worked in a lumber mill SAWED
___-Caps (candy brand) SNO

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