Wall Street Journal – Mar 7 2018 – Course Additions

Clues Answers
‘To her ___, a jolly thriving wooer’: ‘Richard III’ GOI
‘What have we here!’ OHO
‘Who’s there?’ response ITSME
2000 National Toy Hall of Fame inductee SLINKY
Article in Cahiers du Cinema UNE
Athletic FIT
Bank deposit ORE
Barneys rival SAKS
Based on instinct GUT
Bilaspur bigwigs RAJAS
Buffet fixture URN
Canal in Vatican City? HOLYWATERWAY
City north of Ventura OJAI
Clown around YUKITUP
Cooler JAIL
Corn Belt city AMES
Crow foe UTE
Cupid’s love PSYCHE
Curious George creators H.A. and Margret REYS
Dandy AOK
Develop gradually INCUBATE
Disco fanatic on ‘The Simpsons’ STU
Does in OFFS
Elaborate interstate? FANCYFREEWAY
Extend a visit STAYON
Film festival group PANEL
Genesis shepherd ABEL
Get by asking BUM
Greedy goal MORE
Handle SEETO
He ruled between Gamal and Hosni ANWAR
Heartache WOE
Indirect insult INNUENDO
It might serve a story GIRDER
John with five Grammys ELTON
Lunch hours, often NOONS
Manipulate USE
Clues Answers
Many banners ADS
Most common of the noble gases ARGON
Mouthy Martha RAYE
Name in the frozen aisle EDY
Nonflowering plant ALGA
Paragons IDEALS
Part of QED ERAT
Person who might raise a crop JOCKEY
Prepares an undercover agent, perhaps WIRES
Puffins’ kin AUKS
Really short transit line? FOOTLONGSUBWAY
Regulus setting LEO
Removed slack from TAUTENED
Saint Bernard, e.g MONK
Service call LET
Site of at least five mountains taller than Everest MARS
Six out of ten people ASIANS
Sleeps like a log ISOUT
Small stretch FIB
Smart CHIC
Smooth, in scores LEGATO
Sophocles tragedy ANTIGONE
Sticks you could scratch with CUES
Suggested BESPOKEN
Swab TAR
Swelter BAKE
Swelter FRY
Tall tale YARN
Terminates, like a contract RIPSUP
They might be shaved NAPES
Track for truck races? PICKUPSPEEDWAY
Utterly incorrect ALLWET
Vending machine inserts ONES
Watteau’s world MONDE
When to retire BEDTIME
Workers in kitchens, perhaps ANTS

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