Wall Street Journal – Mar 8 2018 – Bargains

Clues Answers
‘Not only that…’ ALSO
‘Not only that…’ AND
‘The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change’ author ALGORE
A’s infielder Lowrie JED
Aboard ONTO
Acronymic band name ABBA
Amoeba, essentially BLOB
Aspirations AIMS
Barbecue sauce descriptor TANGY
Base meal MESS
Big name in inflatable mattresses AERO
Bitter sin ENVY
Cafeteria stack TRAYS
Cal. rows WKS
Callaloo ingredient OKRA
Cheek SASS
Coaching choices PLAYS
Collaboration liability EGO
Colleague of Clarence and Neil ELENA
Come to understand LEARN
Contents of un lac EAU
Crustaceans copying canines? BARKINGCRABS
Difficult to call CLOSE
Do some waiting SERVE
Engineer who introduced the term ‘horsepower’ JAMESWATT
Excited speaker’s projection SPITTLE
Fathead ASS
Fetching CUTE
For fear that LEST
Fragrant neckwear LEI
Friendly muchacha AMIGA
Harsh note BLAT
Host of many lavish West Egg parties GATSBY
Island in the Tuscan Archipelago ELBA
Key in ENTER
Clues Answers
Large load TON
Long time AGES
Loser to ‘The Departed’ for Best Picture BABEL
Maxixe relative SAMBA
Narrow passage sailed by clipper ships? BARBERINGSTRAIT
Nasty fellows OGRES
National Do Not Call Registry org FTC
Neil Young’s ‘___ Love’ LOTTA
Nest egg choice IRA
Network transmissions FEEDS
No longer working DEAD
Overeager aspirant WANNABE
Park flyer KITE
Pinza piece ARIA
Polo heading EAST
Ranch fenced in with spiky wire? BARBEDSPREAD
Ranchero’s tie BOLO
Role for Rupert RON
Sang one’s own praises CROWED
Seed’s reward BYE
Shelves, say STOWS
Shortly, to Shelley ANON
Show set at the McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak firm LALAW
Skin cream ingredient LANOLIN
Snow White, per the mirror FAIREST
Some Portuguese speakers ANGOLANS
Spelling expert SORCERER
Spongy dessert BABA
Spy from Connecticut HALE
Start of a famous palindrome AMAN
Toronto paper STAR
Unsupervised ALONE
Winner of eight choreography Tonys FOSSE
Wonk’s interest POLICY
Working for the viscounts, earls and other higher-ranking nobles? BARONASSIGNMENT
Wound HARM

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