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Wall Street Journal – March 12 2019 – Bruisers

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Clues Answers
‘I Ching’ principle TAO
‘So long!’ BYENOW
‘The Old Guitarist’ artist PICASSO
‘There’s no other explanation’ MUSTBE
‘Whatever you choose is fine by me’ IMEASY
‘Wonder Woman’ star Gadot GAL
‘___, Joy of Man’s Desiring’ (Bach work) JESU
32,000 ounces TON
Act neighborly DOAFAVOR
Angelic adornment HALO
Annie Lennox, for one SCOT
Anthony Anderson’s ‘Black-ish’ role DRE
Arles article UNE
Campfire residue ASHES
Captain Kirk kept one LOG
Carrying out, as one’s duties EXECUTING
Cause for an additional airline fee, maybe EXCESSLUGGAGE
Citrusy drink suffix ADE
Contrariwise ELSE
Control damage, politically SPIN
Dangerous for drivers, in a way ICY
Dentist’s direction SPIT
Endure hardship without giving up TOUGHITOUT
Engine sounds HUMS
Enthusiastic assent in Andalusia SISI
Exquisite trinket BIJOU
Fails spectacularly LAYSANEGG
Far from hither YON
First father ADAM
Franklin’s wife ELEANOR
Give permission to LET
Golfer Ernie ELS
H.S. subj. with x’s ALG
Harry Potter’s Hedwig, e.g OWL
Has a powerful effect, or what each of 17-, 26-, 38- and 49-Across does, literally PACKSAPUNCH
Herd unit HEAD
Hound for payment DUN
In the mix with AMONG
In the past AGO listings JOBOPENINGS
Leaves for a drink? TEA
Like many wine barrels OAKEN
Long-running CBS series CSI
Martial arts sash OBI
Matterhorn or Mont Blanc ALP
Midwestern college town AMES
Mother of Zeus and Hera RHEA
Mouse with a bow MINNIE
Next-to-last Greek letter PSI
One might get promoted to queen PAWN
One way to turn a boat ALEE
Perp’s cover story ALIBI
QB objectives TDS
Raspberry’s cousin? BOO
Real beaut LULU
Repetitive drills ROTES
Sacha Baron Cohen persona ALIG
Serpents in hieroglyphics ASPS
Something to put drinks on BARTAB
Source of messages from beyond OUIJABOARD
Spanish hero ELCID
Sputnik’s launch began it SPACEAGE
Stock mkt. figs AVGS
Sun, in combinations HELIO
Superior sort SNOB
Swanky celebration FETE
Switch from paper to plastic REBAG
Temporary tattoo medium HENNA
Tissue layer PLY
Trendy boots from Australia UGGS
Varsity groups ATEAMS
Victim of inflation? EGO
Was triumphant WON
Well-suited APT
When it’s proper it’s capitalized NOUN
Words with dare or date ONA