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Wall Street Journal – March 13 2019 – Stockholders

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Clues Answers
‘First Take’ network ESPN
‘For crying out loud!’ YEESH
‘Look at the facts!’ LETSFACEIT
‘Must have been someone else!’ WASNTME
‘No more, thanks’ IMSET
‘Phooey!’ DARN
‘That hurts!’ OOF
‘That’s the spot!’ AAH
‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ author LEE
‘What pain?’ advertiser ADVIL
1981 World Series MVP Ron CEY
Apothecary container VIAL
Attendance record notation ABSENCE
Bart’s brainy sister LISA
Baseball club still waiting for final league approval? PENDINGBAT
Brightly colored NEON
Calf’s neighbor SHIN
Caribou cousin MOOSE
Cash rebate to buy a Japanese camera? PENTAXINCENTIVE
Chair of the Fed between Ben and Jerome JANET
Character from a bar? SPACE
Checkers move JUMP
Chilling SCARY
Chowder bit CLAM
Circular side dish ONIONRINGS
Cleaning cloth RAG
Closes in on NEARS
Cul-de-___ SAC
Decade divs YRS
Desert spring sites OASES
Directional suffix ERN
Do a judge’s job HEAR
Done with OVER
Enclose, as livestock, and an explanation of this puzzle’s theme PENIN
Fender blemish DENT
Forever, seemingly AGES
Gobbled up ATE
Heir of Claudius NERO
Hellenic H ETA
High dudgeon IRE
Holstein hello MOO
Industry show EXPO
Instructions unit STEP
It could cause you to trip LSD
It’s served in prison TIME
King Minos’s land CRETE
Large country with super-transparent governance? OPENCANADA
Like an IRS audit DREADED
Literary postscript EPILOG
Lothario role for Michael Caine ALFIE
Lukewarm TEPID
Makes little cuts SNIPS
Many a charity tourney PROAM
Marcus’s retail partner NEIMAN
Montreux masses SWISS
Nimble SPRY
Notable fruit sampler EVE
One might have a little lamb EWE
Questlove style AFRO
Regal on the road, e.g CAR
Ruby or garnet RED
Sci-fi flyers ETS
Search for water DOWSE
Site for Aussie academics UNI
Stowable bed COT
Strong urge ITCH
Summer camp craft CANOE
Take the stage ACT
Think tank nuggets IDEAS
Tooth that turns COG
Turn to confetti SHRED
Unable to hold water HOLEY
Volcanic stuff ASH
Wang of wedding wear VERA
Where woodworkers talk shop? CARPENTERCENTER
Witty comeback RIPOSTE
Wriggly fish EEL
___ Park (Edison’s lab site) MENLO