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Wall Street Journal – March 21 201 – Ramped Up

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Clues Answers
‘Atlanta’ or ‘Dallas’ TVSHOW
‘Doesn’t excite me’ MEH
‘Eww!’ UGH
‘It’s ___-win situation’ ANO
‘Nope’ UHUH
‘Take ___!’ THAT
‘___ a consummation devoutly to be wished’: Hamlet TIS
300-cubit-long craft ARK
Account held by a third party ESCROW
Approves, briefly OKS
Barbecue joint order SHORTRIBS
Bolted RAN, FLED
Casual attempts STABS
Churn out cross words CUSS
City west of Monaco NICE
Comic strip whose title character was Sonya Hobbs MOMMA
Crowning point ACME
Crush, e.g SODAPOP
Declined SLID
Diner cupful JOE
Do as commanded OBEY
Entertaining ENJOYABLE, FUN
Figurehead position PROW
Filled in, as a box EXED
Gang domains TURFS
Geisha girder OBI
Get back RECOUP
Grove by Walden Pond? THOREAUSHADE
High-maintenance type DIVA
Hold up ROB
House products ACTS
However, informally THO
Impose (on) INFLICT
Instrument with a three-octave range OBOE
It covers all the bases DIAMOND
Jazzman Beiderbecke BIX
Liable to shock RISQUE
Like favorite novels, often REREAD
Liquid transfer tool SIPHON
Longest-serving POTUS FDR
Meeting place NODE
Mil. sch ACAD
Most Moroccans ARABS
Multiple star in Gemini CASTOR
Parking garage unit SPACE
Part of a blackmailer’s outfit? DURESSSHIRT
Poet Silverstein SHEL
Pole worker ELF
Precious DEAR
Pulmonary necessity AIR
Ref. for Anglophones OED
Referendum choice YES
Rice rival SMU
Rice rival? ORZO
Salts TARS
Serengeti stalker LION
Small group DUO
Solid piece CHUNK
Soothing stuff SALVE
Split off SECEDE
Spousal greeting HIHON
Strip mining consequence? TERRAINWRECK
Summer venue for studying Bach and Handel? BAROQUECAMP
Super Bowl champs in 2018 EAGLES
Transmission component AUDIO
Trellis climber VINE
Whig’s opponent TORY
Whirled power? TORNADO
Zilch NIL