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Wall Street Journal – March 25 2019 – Falling Into Disrepair

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Clues Answers
‘Common Sense’ pamphleteer Thomas PAINE
‘Ex on the Beach’ network MTV
‘Here’s the deal…’ YOUSEE
‘Hold the rocks’ NOICE
2013-16 NCAA women’s basketball champs UCONN
Accumulate, as unfinished work PILEUP
Advise strongly URGE
Allude REFER
Avoid punishment GETOFF
Bathroom stall sign INUSE
Bearded antelopes GNUS
Bone protected by a shin guard TIBIA
Bonfire fuel WOOD
Brutal reviews PANS
Buddy CHUM
Castaway’s spot ISLE
Cave hangers BATS
Chapel promise IDO
Charger attachment CORD
Cherokee or Chippewa TRIBE
Chess turns MOVES
Congress creation ACT
Copacabana city, familiarly RIO
Country between Ghana and Benin TOGO
Diner staffer COOK
Directive on a door PUSH
Dragon’s den LAIR
Energetic quality VERVE
Figure skater Alysa LIU
Flip chart support EASEL
Foot part SOLE
Froth on a beer HEAD
Grade school basics ABCS
Groundwater source WELL
Guard dog’s warning SNARL
Hang in there TOUGHITOUT
Hazardous flying weather FOG
Hi-___ monitor RES
Indians and Indonesians, e.g ASIANS
Keith of country music TOBY
Kept in confinement HELD
Knight in shining armor HERO
Language akin to Hindi URDU
Leaves rolling in the aisle SLAYS
Like Santa’s cheeks ROSY
Mediocre SOSO
Mountaineer’s goal ACME
Nabisco bestseller OREO
Negligible amount DRIB
Outdoor canopy material NYLON
Periphery EDGES
Prepares to propose KNEELS
Promise to cut to the chase ILLBEBRIEF
Pub projectiles DARTS
Real doozy LULU
Reed instrument OBOE
Reward for Rover TREAT
Ride summoned by phone UBER
Satan’s hangout HELL
Scary creature BEAST
Scheming ‘Othello’ character IAGO
Seedy, and an apt description of a word hidden in 3-, 9-, 29- and 33-Down RUNDOWN
Seeping through the cracks OOZING
Server’s errors FAULTS
Ship’s lockup BRIG
Shoddily made CHINTZY
Sonic the Hedgehog’s company SEGA
Sports gambler’s line OVERUNDER
Stopped joking around SOBERED
Strike caller LABORUNION
Tie up, as a yacht MOOR
Title won by Arnold Schwarzenegger multiple times MRUNIVERSE
Two-channel STEREO
Unexpected glitch SNAG
Vote into office ELECT
Watt, for one POWERUNIT