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Wall Street Journal – March 28 2019 – Jump Shots

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Clues Answers
‘Doggone it!’ DARN, RATS
‘Oh, man!’ YEESH
1927’s Flying Cloud, e.g REO
Akbar’s capital AGRA
Alencon ally AMI
Basketball inventor James NAISMITH
Buffet table heater STERNO
Canine coat ENAMEL
Canned quaff SODAPOP
Charts from hearts, for short EKGS
Chow line LEASH
Co-star of Haley and Bolger LAHR
Cold comfort? TISSUE
Conjectural statements THETICALS
Corfu’s sea IONIAN
Country’s Tillis MEL
Cross bearers, at times SPIRES
Diner offering EATS
Ducklings’ dads DRAKES
Eton enrollment BOYS
Fathomless DEEP
Finish for ethyl or methyl ENE
Fox terrier of films ASTA
Furnish RIG
Galley item OAR
Gift list, of a sort BRIDALREGIS
Halvah base SESAME
Hit sharply SWAT
Home of les poissons MER
How many writers work ONSPEC
Impudent CHEEKY
Leaning on the page: Abbr ITAL
Lessen over time EBB
Like some partners SILENT
Losing line in a game XOO
Many get-out-of-debt offers SPAM
Mugs, say ROBS
Nostril adornment STUD
Nut shape HEXAGON
Old infantry weapon PIKE
Order in the court ALLRISE
Plot unit ACRE
Price of opera recordings LEONTYNE
Princess who rides a winged unicorn SHERA
Question from the judge HOWDOYOUP
Ranchero’s wrap SERAPE
Rap sheet abbr AKA
Reading facilities LOO
Rocky peak TOR
Rowdy LOUT
Sales team staffer REP
Salesman’s place ROAD
Sam of ‘Jurassic Park’ NEILL
Script direction EXIT
Seasoning amount PINCH
Self-referential META
Shot PIC
Shot TRY
Show contempt for SPITAT
Sibling of Set ISIS
Small swelling PIMPLE
Snoozefest BORE
Squad leader’s concern MORALE
Star of Quentin’s ‘Kill Bill’ UMA
The thing I’m holding up THIS
TV cable letters HDMI
Twice cuatro OCHO
Words to one facing two unpleasant choices KYOURPOISON
Wraps up ENDS