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Wall Street Journal – March 4 2019 – Who Am I?

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Clues Answers
‘Ain’t gonna happen’ NOPE
‘All right’ OKAY
‘Heaven forbid!’ HORRORS
‘Immediately!’ PRONTO
‘Purple Haze’ rocker Hendrix JIMI
‘That’s it!’ AHA
‘That’s odd…’ HMM
‘The Giving Tree’ author Silverstein SHEL
Allow without challenging LETPASS
An adjective may modify one NOUN
Ancient invader of Rome GOTH
Barnyard baby CALF
Big name in running shoes AVIA
Capital on the Danube VIENNA
Caught word of HEARD
Cheboygan is on its shore LAKEHURON
Chef’s protective wear APRON
Close-fitting SNUG
Clumsily sit (down) PLOP
Cookie with a creme filling OREO
Cut-and-dry business? HAIRSALON
Diamonds, for example SUIT
Disney’s ‘___ & Stitch’ LILO
Energy PEP
Explorer with a talking backpack DORA
Fail to include OMIT
Fairway club selections IRONS
Field tillers, in England PLOUGHS
Flip-flops THONGS
Flower with thorns ROSE
Fodder storage site SILO
Fork over PAY
Fragrant neckwear LEI
Gas in bar signs NEON
General delivery? ORDER
Golfing goal PAR
Have a crush on ADORE
Hits the runway LANDS
Honolulu-born singer DONHO
Horse-and-buggy group AMISH
Hurricane feature EYE
Improvise musically VAMP
In the country RURAL
Lawn material SOD
Love, in Livorno AMORE
Many a Syrian ARAB
Meditation chants OMS
Memorial tribute EULOGY
Metropolitan visibility problem SMOG
Microscopic TINY
Model T contemporary REO
Mountain lion PUMA
Move up and down BOB
Okra unit POD
Oodles ATON
Opposite of ‘avec’ SANS
Racetrack shape OVAL
Reef-dwelling eel MORAY
Rickman of ‘Die Hard’ ALAN
Savannah Guthrie, to Hoda Kotb COHOST
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Spoken ORAL
Sprinkle from a shaker SALT
Startled sound GASP
Substandard POOR
Take the final turn GOLAST
The Concorde, for short SST
Typical Sundance entry INDIE
Unethical IMMORAL
Where van Gogh painted ‘The Night Cafe’ ARLES
Zealous AVID
___ avis RARA