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Wall Street Journal – March 6 2019 – Spinning Yarns

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Clues Answers
‘Come again?’ WHAT
‘Go ahead, I dare you!’ DOIT
‘Got you covered, bro’ NOPROB
‘I don’t mind eels/Except as meals’ writer NASH
‘Wait ___!’ ASEC
*Cartoon superhero with big ears MIGHTYMOUSE
*Digitally disguised PIXELATED
*Early bicycles VELOCIPEDES
*Fly off the handle BLOWAGASKET
1978 Broadway revue that included ‘I’m Just Wild About Harry’ EUBIE
Acts skittish SHIES
Amorous LOVING
Apple Pay tool IPHONE
Bloodsucking flies TSETSES
Boorish fellow LOUT
Bows’ counterparts STERNS
Church caretaker SEXTON
Classes for coasters EASYAS
Coyote of cartoons WILEE
Creole dance music ZYDECO
Dagger of old SNEE
Dustin’s ‘Midnight Cowboy’ role RATSO
Educ. support group PTA
El primer mes ENERO
Fictional past, or a hint to four-letter words found in the starred answers BACKSTORY
Flood residue MUCK
Free spot, for short PSA
Goddess of the dawn EOS
Got in an attacker’s face, literally MACED
Grande of pop ARIANA
Hardboard brand MASONITE
Harry Truman’s first lady BESS
Inconsequential SMALL
Its coat of arms features a condor and Andean deer CHILE
Jackhammer product DIN
Jaded attitude CYNICISM
Lamas, e.g HOLYMEN
Land’s end? SCAPE
Largest terrier AIREDALE
Long-winded fellow GASBAG
Make a good impression? ETCH
Maker of aibo robotic pets SONY
Middle name taken by John Lennon ONO
Miss by ___ AMILE
Office conf MTG
Perfectly timed ONCUE
Phoenix surroundings? ASHES
Play mates? CAST
Poppycock ROT
Prime number factor ONE
Put away ATE
Putin’s org., once KGB
Sacha Baron Cohen TV personality ALIG
Shapeless lump GLOB
Short and to the point CONCISE
Sister-in-law of Minos CIRCE
Spud spot EYE
Sudden pain STAB
Sweet sandwich OREO
Tavern selections ALES
Tech exec, briefly CIO
Tubular wind OBOE
Utah mountain range UINTAS
Veep’s boss PREZ
Video bloggers’ needs WEBCAMS
Villain in a sombrero BANDITO
Warning of an imminent attack REDALERT
Weed whackers HOES
William Henry Harrison’s first lady ANNA
___ Fridays TGI