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Wall Street Journal – May 1 2019 – States of Being

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Clues Answers
‘I’m in hysterics,’ online ROFL
‘The Last O.G.’ airer TBS
‘Thrilla in Manila’ winner ALI
Abound TEEM
Agcy. that’s got your number? SSA
Approached CAMENEAR
Beard bit HAIR
Become firm SET
Biological sequence, or what you’ll find in the circled letters LIFECYCLE
Bounty stop of 1788 TAHITI
Braves, on scoreboards ATL
Breakfast bowlful FLAKES
Brood MOPE
Censoring sound BLEEP
Chi follower PSI
Child’s play EASY
Cochlea’s place EAR
Consume, biblically EATOF
Crude destination REFINERY
Dessert, in Derby AFTERS
Early invaders of Britain JUTES
Game that uses Nintendo’s Balance Board WIIFIT
Gather INFER
Get up ARISE
Given via a will LEFTTO
Gram or dram UNIT
Greek goddess of victory NIKE
Greeting on el primero de enero FELIZANONUEVO
Harvey Martin and Randy White, in Super Bowl XII COMVPS
Hatcher of plots? TERI
Headquarters of TD Ameritrade OMAHA
Height-boosting wear HEELS
Hold a candle to RIVAL
How villains cackle EVILLY
Journalist Hill ERICA
Justice succeeded by Kagan STEVENS
Largest city in the Texas Panhandle AMARILLO
Lends a hand HELPS
Like a tiger FIERCE
Llama’s cousin VICUNA
Makes plain EVINCES
Michelle and Cass, in a pop group MAMAS
Mineo in movies SAL
Move furtively SIDLE
One way to swing FRO
Partly open AJAR
Picks from a lineup IDS
Piece of cake SNAP
Pot product TEA
Recurring elements MOTIFS
Rutabaga relative TURNIP
Slurpee alternative ICEE
Some do laps CATS
Some pricey gowns DIORS
Sporty Chevy VETTE
Start of a candidate’s promise IFELECTED
Still a contender INIT
Surprisingly energetic SPRY
Surrealist Magritte RENE
Symbol on a weather map SUN
Test with two logical reasoning sections, for short LSAT
Travel biz portmanteau MOTEL
Tummy trouble ACHE
Vanguard offering IRA
When Viola reveals herself in ‘Twelfth Night’ ACTV
Winter Palace figure TSAR
Word of support YEA
Words following a countdown WEHAVELIFTOFF