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Wall Street Journal – May 10 2018 – Splitsville

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Clues Answers
‘Happy Birthday’ writer, perhaps ICER
‘___ reflection…’ UPON
Absence of rigidity EASE
Affirm AVER
Aggravate RILE
Barbara on ‘Shark Tank’ CORCORAN
Be behind OWE
Bucolic call BAA
Butter up CAJOLE
Cabochon stone OPAL
Capital city of Europe PARIS
Capital city of Europe BERN
Capital city of Europe ROME
Capital city of South America QUITO
Church features SPIRES
Clinic offering EXAM
Commando action RAID
Diamond protectors TARPS
Drew on the TV screen CAREY
Dry cell part ANODE
Dyeing technique BATIK
Fig. on tax forms SSN
Flock leaders HPRIESTS
Fulminate RAIL
Get a new crew for REMAN
Give up CEDE
Go around TURN
Greek vowels ETAS
Grunt’s garb CAMO
Ham-fisted INEPT
Hands’ place BOAT
He does Donald on ‘SNL’ ALEC
High trump HONOR
Hit’s back BSIDE
Home of the Munch Museum OSLO
I, e.g.: Abbr PRON
Included in AMONG
Insult, in slang BURN
Its edge has 118 ridges DIME
Clues Answers
Leaves for a drink TEA
Letters on a zero button OPER
Longest-serving independent in congressional history IESANDERS
Lush SOT
Maze word START
Moore’s TV co-star ASNER
Old antiseptic MERCUROCH
Onetime ‘Taste that beats the others cold’ advertiser PEPSI
Ostrich, e.g BIPED
Penn, e.g QUAKER
Plays for fun JAMS
Poles connector AXIS
Pound of poems EZRA
Powerful Persians SHAHS
Prep for the final CRAM
Primordial goo OOZE
Red-brown shade RUST
Reggie Miller, for his entire 18-year career PACER
Rodriguez of ‘Modern Family’ RICO
Sabin’s study POLIO
Scammer’s marks SAPS
School near Windsor ETON
Score speed TEMPO
Shower unit RAINDROP
Site of busy activity HIVE
Some authorship doubters BACONIANS
Stairs alternative RAMP
Takes on HIRES
Tiny sound PEEP
Tough GOON
Twisty shape ESS
Unappetizing food SLOP
Unattractive bump WART
Very smart CHIC
Victim PREY
White waders EGRETS
Yellow fever transmitter TIGERMOS
___ arms UPIN